Stefan Aarnio Presents

Elements of Power Live

Weekend Event

Date & Location

Dates: March 13th, 14th, 15th, 2015
Location: Saskatchewan, Regina, Canada (Address TBA)

Course Includes:

  • 1. The 3C System (Collect, Clutter, Close) – $2,997 Value
    The proven system Stefan Aarnio has used to negotiate millions of dollars in profits.
    Includes: The Workbook and PowerPoint™ delivered online.
  • 2. Your Own Negotiation “Black Book” – $997 Value
    The secret weapon master negotiators use to collect and control information to have the edge over their competition.
    Includes: An actual printed “Black Book” delivered by mail.
  • 3. Read body language like an FBI Agent, and learn how to hide your body messaging – $497 Value
    Buyers are liars and sellers are liars— learn how to read the other side’s body language and find out the truth behind their words.
    Includes: In person work with Stefan, at the 3 Day Class.
  • 4. Mass Negotiation Strategy Spreadsheet – $997 Value
    One of the best ways to bring leverage into a negotiation is to have multiple options. This spreadsheet allows you to organize multiple negotiations and find the weakest opponents and best opportunities.
    Includes: The Workbook delivered online.
  • 5. Over 28 Proven Money Making Negotiation Tactics – $1,997 Value
    Learn how to squeeze profit out of any situation with these 28 special tactics
    Includes: Training In Class and Archive Video delivered online.
  • 6. How to Stack Your Offers for Low Cost and High Value – $797 Value
    Learn how to build big profits into your negotiations so that you get what you want and make a fortune in the process!
    Includes: Training In Class and Archive Video delivered online.
  • 7. Master The 4 Communication Styles – $297 Value
    Master the 4 communication styles that all negotiators use and how to make an offer that appeals to everyone!
    Includes: Training In Class and Archive Video delivered online.
  • 8. Live Role-play and Practice on these techniques! – $297 Value
    Don’t just listen and read these special techniques, but learn by doing at the live event!
    Includes: Training In Class and Archive Video delivered online.
  • 9. SUPPORT – 90 Day support after the class with myself, Stefan Aarnio – $897 Value
    We won’t leave you hanging after 3 days, if you need extra help or support, we are here to provide it.
    Includes: Live Access; Once a month for 3 months.
  • 10. ARCHIVE – Online Access to the Videos, of All The Materials – $497 Value
    Master the materials after the course is over and review the tips, tricks and techniques an unlimited amount of times.
    Includes: Archive Video delivered online.
  • 11. MATERIALS – The Box Set of CD’s, DVD’s and Work Book – $1,497 Value
    Take home this valuable learning experience and review it with business partners, co-workers or employees.
    Includes: Actual DVD Video, CD Audio, and Printed Workbook delivered by mail.
  • 12. GUARANTEE – 300% ROI on Your Investment, or Your Money Back – $4,500* or $9,000** Value
    We guarantee that you will make an extra $4,500* or $9,000** profit after taking this class. If you don’t earn an extra $4,500* or $9,000** in one year after using the techniques in real live negotiations, then we will give you a full refund back!
  • BONUS – My “7 Lies of the Real Estate Education Industry EXPOSED” – $47.00 Value
    Watch out for the virgin sex therapist, they’re screwing you and not in the way you think…

Total Value = $20,814.00

Stefan Aarnio’s Elements of Power Live Weekend
Please select ONE from the following:

Individual + 1 Guest – $2,997

Everything including **$9,000 GUARANTEE

Individual Only – $1,497

No MATERIALS, No BONUS, including *4,500 GUARANTEE

*Individual Only – $997