Randy Gage

“The future is always here It’s just not evenly distributed! The future of education is thought-leaders!”

Society is looking for people who can interpret and analyze the data and do the critical thinking!

Randy Gage is a thought-provoking critical thinker who will make you approach your business — and your life — in a whole new way. Randy is the author of eleven books translated into 25 languages, including the New York Times bestsellers, Risky Is the New Safe and Mad Genius. He has spoken to more than 2 million people across more than 50 countries and is a member of the Speakers Hall of Fame. When he is not prowling the podium or locked in his lonely writer’s garret, you’ll probably find him playing 3rd base for a softball team somewhere.

“You can be a victim or You can be a victor, but can’t be both”

Podcast Summary:

1:00 – Ex: “A really good quote” or A very interesting topic

4:30 – Why are MLM’s known as being scummy currently

7:25 – 3 things that create leverage

8:50 – Difference between buyer beware to seller beware

9:50 – Alexa demonstration


15:00 – Hard Trends and Linear Trends

17:00 – Talking about virtual realitiy

20:22 – “If you can provide value, people will crawl to you naked…”

31:45 – Always got to keep your eyes on the street to get ahead in life as an entrepenuer

35:00 – “I’m a motherfucking thought leader!” Post this for sure

37:50 – The problem with school

39:00 – “If I were Apple or Google, I would open my own school”

42:20 – “When people are zigging, you have to be zagging”

47:30 – What young Randy needs to hear

51:30 – Life is stacked against you. Deal with that fact