Matt McKeever

Matt McKeever is a CPA, CA and Real Estate Entrepreneur in London, Ontario. On this YouTube Channel Matt discusses a variety or real estate and personal finance strategies and is best known for his series on How to BRRRR Real Estate and How to Reach Financial Independence Retire Early (FIRE). Matt began investing in real estate at age 25 by purchasing a student rental near Fanshawe College and has grown his portfolio to over a dozen properties and over 50 units. Matt quit the rat race (and corporate finance) at 31 and co-founded London On FIRE, The Ontario Real Estate Conference, and The Real Estate Rat Pack. ‘Until Next Time Remember – Making Money is a Team Sport – But if You’re Not Saving It – What’s the Point?’

Podcast Summary:

0:00 – Ex: “A really good quote” or A very interesting topic

5:00 –  “People challenge credibility everyday”

6:00 – “How do you be committed?”

9:20 –  How internet and content is changing the world

11:20 –  You Need Purpose

13:00 – You have to charge, people will pay for it. “People only value it if they can buy it…” respecting it more

15:00 – Turning branding value into company value

17:20 – Justifying investing partners. Why they suck

22:20 – Difference between Entrepenuer and Managing

25:45 –  “Lean-fire is just a start”

27:00 – The difference between Canada and America

33:30 – More differences and comparisions between Canada and America

36:00 – “Renting is important”. Grand Cardone, talking about renting

40:00 – What Hard Times Create Strong Men book rundown

43:00 –  “Networking is equal to your networth.” Red jacket gives peopel an opener

48:00 – “Haters come with love”

50:00 – Listen to advice from people who are what you’re looking for

53:00 – What young people need in the present day. “Putting in the work”