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Stefan Aarnio

Stefan Aarnio

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Winnipeg, Manitoba

Fellow Real Estate Entrepreneur,

As a subscriber you probably already know about my books...

...after all, there's a good chance you found me by reading one.

That's a good sign!

A good sign you're a serious self-educator, someone dedicated to learning.

And in the constantly evolving world of real estate, you need to stay ahead of the market -- so reading is a great way for a real estate investor to improve thier business and lifestyle. Especially if you're reading my books!

What If You Could Absorb The Best Secrets of My Books Faster, And Retain Their Secret For Success More Easily?

Bottom line: you'd get to where you want to be more quickly and with less effort on studying.

The best way to accomplish this is with AUDIO BOOKS! You'll be able to have an "education on wheels" to play in your car...or ANYWHERE.

And, of course, learning by audio will help solidify with concepts in your mind, without reading if you don't want to.

That's why I'm offering a chance to grab a very special bundle...

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1. A faster, more deeply ingrained knowledge of the tips from Self Made33 raw confessions and 160+ proven tips right there in your car, ipod, laptop, on-demand, anytime. Here's just a preview of what you'll enjoy:

  • Discover how savvy investors get to $15,000 per deal (or more) in profit
  • How I raised capital from rich people without even having a business plan
  • Becoming a cash millionaire in 2 years (the system fits on a napkin)
  • You are 4-times more likely to become a millionaire if you are one of these (but don’t worry if you don’t fit the bill because I’ll show you how to improve your chances of getting rich no matter what your experience level or financial situation is)
  • Already experienced? Read my 7 tips for creating “cash-flowing assets” (#4 will help you spot trends early)
  • Ifyou're “book smart” about real estate but don’t know where to actually get started (you’ll see the fast way to make $500 over and over again and build a $9,000 per month business without ever buying a house)
  • When a friendly board game turned into $115,000 in debt I got myself into 5 years of headaches (avoid the mistakes I made or face dire consequences)
  • How to make $5,000 or more per deal as a “wholesaler”
  • My plan to buy 60 houses and make $12,000 per month (hey, I had raised $1.1 Million in 10 months, so what could go wrong, right? Find out what happened)
  • I skipped 3 vital steps on my journey and it cost me time, money, and happiness (you’ll discover which steps never to skip)
  • You'll see how I narrowly avoided becoming a corporate zombie only to have the most useless degree ever (I tried to solve this problem with a rock band, see how bad that turned out)
  • I'll even show you the exact amount of information and knowledge about real estate you need before you take action (it’s hard to know when to “pull the trigger”, don't worry, I’ll just give you the precise moment so you never miss an opportunity to make money or build wealth)

2. A way to attract investors so you can flip houses for profit without using your own funds. You'll also get the digital audio book version of The Five Million Dollar Book that shows you how I raised millions of dollar in capital to do my own deals. You'll also discover:

  • A simple test you can take to see how good you are at the 7 essential skills of raising money for deals
  • How to build a brand so you can create prestige, influence, and leave a legacy
  • It's shocking but true, GOALS are actually holding you back and are as useless as hopes and dreams (I’ll teach you what Steve Jobs, Gandhi, and Henry Ford did instead)
  • If you still feel like you have some un-resolved issues with Mom & Dad (it’s nothing to be ashamed of). I’ll introduce you to 3 people who overcame it to go on and be very successful — one of them is even famous for his “poor dad”, bet you can’t guess the other two.
  • "The 4 Ways To Cross The Deadly Mine-Field Through Real Estate" (only #4 works every single time)
  • You Are The Next Endangered Species: In the near future, everyone with a career will also need a side business and a portfolio of investment real estate to maintain a healthy standard of living
  • The “15% Rule” That Will Keep You From De-Evolving Into A Flipping Loser (nearly every new investor gets this wrong but I'll show you how to get it right)
  • How to structure deals so well that even a “nightmare scenario” won’t scare off investors (if you know how to present it to them, which I will show you)
  • How to void "The Most Common House-Flipping Mistakes" (#8 will keep your property on the market forever and #12 will make sure you never profit even if you do sell it)
  • Hard-learned lessons even the keenest eyes have missed from legends like Bill Gates, Attila The Hun, Henry Ford, 50 Cent, Sun Tzu, Gene Simmons, and more 
  • "10 Best Ways To Become A Real Estate Insider" (plus my 3 best deal sources)
  • How I built my "Sandman Empire" that funds my lifestyle 100% passively
  • The single fastest way to wealth if you have NO money & NO real estate skills (yes, it’s still possible, with the power of “joint ventures”).
  • $2 Million at 55 is NOT enough to retire (sound crazy? meet the lady it happened to)! Don't worry! I will show you how to avoid this by building wealth even if you are starting with no money for properties
  • Why your “nest egg” mentality will leave you broke (and what RRSPs/401Ks & Mutual Fund Brokers hope you keep getting WRONG — I’ll show you how to get it right)
  • The 21 Exact Steps I Take To Put Money, People, & Deals Together

3. A proven set of strategies to acquire porperties at .40 - .60 cents on the dollar. I've also included the digital audio book version X: The Ten Commandments of Negotiation to help you get better deals without being aggressive or unethical or "salesy". Here's a sample of what's inside:

  • Hardcore, from-the-trenches real estate negotiation secrets revealed
  • The 6 basic human needs and ethically hypnotizing your audience
  • How to trigger "hot buttons" for frictionless deal-making
  • Discover your true "personality style" and how to use it like a super-power!
  • Perfectly prepare for any negotiation with a simple 5 step process 
  • How to easily use the "3 C" system to negotiate any deal in your favor
  • Quickly overcome the 5 MYTHS of effective negotiations for massive discounts
  • How to easily overcome the 10 most common challenges you face in negotiating
  • Must-know tips on making offers that could save you many thousands of dollars
  • Uncover the #1 sales secret from the WORLD'S MOST FAMOUS stock broker
  • Discover 10 simple ways to inspire "friendly deals" and influence others
  • Can 150 top CEOs be wrong? See what they said about "human nature"
  • Discover proven tactics for overcoming the 13 obstacles holding you back
  • Risk -- how to share it, displace it, or reverse it instantly for stress-free deals
  • Moral superiority and how to attain it for use in any business or life negotiation
  • Quickly adding legitimacy to your personal brand to inspire trust
  • How to increase your "Personal Power" in 10 vital areas
  • The truth about "Good Cop/Bad Cop" and how it actually works in the real world
  • How to bypass the "reptilian brain" so you never risk "scaring away" a deal
  • How to avoid the 1 thing you must NEVER do in any hand-shake
  • Body language revelations from Kennedy, Nixon, and more
  • How to properly use the "take it or leave it" technique and WHEN

Combining the power of all 3 books would more than prepare you for what's ahead as a real estate entrepreneur.

Total retail value of the digital audio books is $74.97, BUT... can order now to get them for just $39 (a savings of 48%)!

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Respect The Grind,
Stefan Aarnio