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 Money People Deal
 You’ll Discover: 
  • The Law of Certainty and the 21 Steps to A Profitable Joint Venture
  • Why the best Deals are Created and Cannot be Bought
  • Why Morons get Rich and Geniuses Die Broke
  • The 4 Fastest Ways to Profit
  • How to become an “inside trader” legally and see opportunities that other investors cannot!
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Are saying about this book...
- Raymond Aaron New York Best Selling Author, Real Estate Pioneer and Investor.
- Evgueni Zabourdaev, Real Estate Investor and JV-Partner
“I have had the pleasure of doing business with Stefan and his incredible team. Stefan is a very knowledgeable, cooperative and inspiring person. Deal with him if you want to get things done and educate yourself along the way.”
- President, The Leverage Advantage System 
“Stefan has a profound understanding of strategic alliances and reciprocal arrangements and I highly recommend him. He is a man of insight, integrity, consistency, and honour in his business dealings.”
- Mackenzie Dovidijia, Real Estate Investor and JV-Partner
“Stefan is very creative and skilled at making any real estate deal successful. He always finds a way to create a win-win situation for everyone. He is a great business partner and I highly recommend him to anyone looking to add investment real estate to their portfolio!”
“When I began to study Henry Ford, Steve Jobs and Donald Trump, I learned that these men all understood how to put Money, People and Deals together. This is the skill of the entrepreneur and the Fastest Way to Wealth. In my business I made the decision early on to focus on the fastest ways to wealth and forget the slow ways.”
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Stefan Aarnio, Joint Venture Partner of the Year, has made it his mission to help people just like you put Money, People and Deals together to access the Fastest Way to Real Estate Wealth.
Using innovative strategies and techniques developed from the best minds in the field, he shows you step-by-step how to assemble profitable Real Estate deals with no money or no effort.
You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. You just have to follow the, “Guaranteed Path to Success” found in the pages of his book…
Money People Deal Testimonials
“ Right Education, Best  Investment! ”
-Rasna R.
“ Did 10 flip deals last year! ”
-Micheal R.
“ Plan and prepare is the key to everything! ”
-Janci T.
“ Have done 10 deals and they are going very well! ”
-James D.
“ Now I know what to do! ”
- Dan D.
“ Invest in Systems & Programs, it truly pays off! ”
“ Plan and prepare is the key to everything! ”
-James D.
“ Negotiation book paying off! ”
“ I've finally learned how to close a deal! ”
- Alyssa
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About Stefan Aarnio
Stefan Aarnio is one of Canada’s leading up and coming Real Estate Entrepreneurs and the 2012 winner of Canadian Real Estate Wealth Magazine’s “Joint Venture Partner of the Year”. 

Starting with only $1200, Stefan has built a multi million dollar portfolio for his partners and has earned himself a spot on The Self Made List. Stefan has accumulated properties at an alarming pace through his understanding of Real Estate Joint Ventures – The Fastest Way to Real Estate Wealth. 

Stefan’s philosophy is simple, find great deals, build a fantastic team, pay everybody and create partnerships for life.
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