Invest in yourself so
others will invest in you

Stefan Aarnio is the #1 Real Estate coach in Canada

Transform your life today

Invest in yourself so
others will invest in you

Stefan Aarnio is the #1 Real Estate coach in Canada
Transform your life today

Respect The Grind

The Official Stefan Aarnio Podcast

Respect The Grind with Stefan Aarnio is a podcast for high achievers and real world grinders. Listen to award winning real estate investor, Stefan Aarnio, discuss success with people who have achieved mastery and freedom through discipline. Stefan interviews entrepreneurs, athletes, authors, artists, real estate investors, or anyone who has achieved mastery and examines exactly what it takes to get there.



“He Know’s Money, People, and deals. He knows how to put money people and deals together to create a fortune. But more than that he knows how to teach you how to do that.”

Raymond Aaron

New York Times Best Selling Author

“Frankly Stefan Aarnio pisses me off…Why? He’s so damn smart (and wise) for such a young guy! Joking aside, if you are looking for an example of how to start with nothing and reach your dreams FAST, “Self Made” will help you do exactly that…become ‘Self Made’. Read it. Get inspired by it. Then go out and DO it!”

Dave Dubeau

Real Estate Investor, Trainer, Author

“If you want a starting point with easy to follow examples and a step-by-step guide for how to make money in Real Estate, then this is a fantastic read… Stefan’s “Self Made Lessons” at the end of each chapter should be written onto yellow sticky notes and taped all over your home and office. Informative and engaging read!”

Aaron Adams

Real Estate Investor

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Meet Stefan Aarnio

Serial Entrepreneur, Real Estate Investor, Author, Real Estate Coach

Stefan Aarnio is the author of Self Made, Money People Deal, Ten Commandments of Negotiation, The Close: 7 level selling and Hard Times Creates Strong Men.
He is an award-winning real estate Investor of the 2014 Rich Dad International Hall of Fame award. Moreover, Stefan Aarnio’s real estate students have one of the highest success rates across Canada.

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