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Never give up the edge in any negotiation or deal. This journal is designed to make your next 90 days a deal-harvest!

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How it Works

The Blackbook Journal organizes your daily activity with prospects so that you have the advantage in any call, meeting, or active negotiation.
Helping you craft every conversation you have so that you are well-informed, prepared, and never taken advantage of.
Breaking down each conversation into the most important parts so you can remember whats important and get your desired result
Designed to help you get results daily, eliminate confusion, and win negotiations
Helping you form habits that will make success not only optional, but inevitable

Daily Structure Creates Inevitable Success

The Black Book Journal is designed be a negotiation log where you can organize information you have in your dealings with to win in business and in life. Each Negotiation has a who, what, where, when, why, and how, as well as a spot for the date. Documenting your negotiations is the first step to becoming a master and by writing down the basic facts, you will automatically perform better than someone who isn’t taking notes.

There is a large blank space in the middle of the page to record what was said, who said it, what you want, what they want, and any other facts or budgets you may need.

At the bottom of the page is a space for “My next action”. Maybe you didn’t make a deal today, but you can write down to “follow up on June 7th” and then put that action in your calendar. The negotiator with better follow up usually wins.

At the bottom of each page is negotiation tips and quotes to keep you sharp in your negotiations.


A recent study from Princeton University (and the University of California), proved that students who write their notes on real paper actually learn faster and retain information better than student who used technology like a laptop. Here’s why:

  • 1. Writing engages multiple parts of your brain
  • 2. You fully process your thinking by writing by hand
  • 3. Memory cues for later recall are improved

Most importantly, digital devices are designed to be distracting. If you’re serious about focused work to get results, then digital devices will hurt you by tempting you to multi-task when you should be working on your next deal.