By: Stefan Aarnio

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I got a call today from one of my Real Estate Students… He wants to quit.


He just got started and says that “life is too busy and he doesn’t have time to pursue making money in Real Estate”


This is the tragedy of the average man. We are too busy earning $20 an hour to do the things that earn us $1,000 an hour.


Seeing his text message on my phone brought me back to my early days of teaching guitar lessons to teenage boys who wanted to pick up teenage girls.


My main customers were typically males aged 12-16. If I took on a young man at age 12, I could probably keep him as a customer for 1-2 years on average and maybe even 4 years until he was 16.


If I took on an adult student, the maximum lifespan I would keep the adult student would be 3 months… but WHY?


The beauty with kids or teenagers is that they were driven to each and every lesson by a parent (who often paid for the lessons). Maybe the teenage student practiced, maybe he didn’t, either way, his mom or dad forced him to stick with it and show up to the lesson.


If it was raining, the kid showed up, if it was snowing, the kid showed up, if he was sick, he showed up, if he was tired, he showed up.


No matter what the kid showed up and over 1-2 years, most kids would get pretty good at guitar!


The adults on the other hand, were pathetic.


They would come in saying things like “I’ve always wanted to learn to play the guitar, this is my dream!”


They would keenly practice and take notes for a few weeks and then like clockwork, life would get in the way of their dreams and in 3 months, they would call, embarrassed and say:


“I haven’t practiced in a few weeks, I don’t want to waste your time, I’m quitting.”


And they quit.


They wasted my time, and they wasted their money.


They didn’t have a mom or dad who was bigger and stronger than them to force them into the car to drive across town when they weren’t feeling good. Instead, they were the mom or dad and wouldn’t follow the advice they gave to their very own kids.


Human nature is hypocritical, “Do as I say, not as I do” and it will always be like this.


The moral of the story is, who is your “mom” or “dad” that drives you to your guitar lessons?

Who crams you into the car when you haven’t practiced?


Who forces you to stick with it? Because inevitably, it will get hard and turn into an uphill battle at some point…


When you want to quit, think of the story of my teenage guitar students and think of the mom or the dad that loves their child and forces them to do the uncomfortable things to make them successful.


Success does not come easily and no one succeeds alone.
Thanks for reading,

Stefan Aarnio


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