By: Stefan Aarnio

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What is the best investment you can ever make?


Some people say real estate, some say gold, some say stocks, some say cash.


The truth is none of assets are a good investment alone.
Often I get asked, “Is real estate a good investment?”


The real answer is “it depends on your knowledge”


True wealth is not found in real estate, gold, silver, stocks or businesses… instead it is the knowledge and experience of investing that is more valuable than the assets.


Give a fool a million dollars in lottery winnings and he will soon be in debt and bankrupt.


“If you want 1 year of prosperity, grow grain. If you want 10 years of prosperity, grow trees. If you want 100 years of prosperity, grow people” ~Chinese Proverb


When people focus on making money in real estate, or stocks or gold, it’s much like growing grain or trees in the proverb above.


Any asset class can be good for one year, or 10 years. But to be prosperous over 100 years takes the development of people.


Canada, my home country, is a resource rich nation. We have large amounts of oil, food, lumber and fish and we are prosperous as long as have resources.


By default we have 1 or 10 years of prosperity, but in 100 years, will we be as prosperous?
Countries like Germany or China focus on engineering and manufacturing. They build people and build products. The ability to add value through valuable people and processes will continue to generate prosperity long after the trees and oil are gone.


People are the #1 asset, and on a base level, you are the #1 asset.


Invest in yourself, grow yourself, grow your knowledge base and set yourself up for 100 years of prosperity.


When I make life decisions, I like to think “how will this affect my life when I’m 80?”


I have the goal to write 20 books over 20 years. 2 are written, 18 more are left.


My goal is to develop myself and make each book into an asset that will bring prosperity for 100 years or more.


Look past the grain, look past the trees and see the investment in yourself and other people.


Thanks for reading,

Respect The Grind,

Stefan Aarnio


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