By: Stefan Aarnio

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Companies get fat.


People get fat.


Minds get cluttered.


The best definition of health that I have ever heard came from professor Arnold Ehret: Vitality = Power – Obstruction


Power minus obstruction is where all health comes from. Whether it’s health of the body or health of the business.


In ancient Rome, a metaphor used for the empire was the heart and the limbs of the body. The limbs could not survive without the heart and the heart could not survive without the limbs.


However, if the body is clogged with waste, both the limbs and heart will die.


But I’m not writing this message to talk about the body or health. I use it only as a metaphor for all things in nature.


We live in an age where it’s easier to get bloated than ever.


We have access to endless information, endless food, endless ideas, and endless distractions. We take in too many things and get bloated, we get fat and we lose our vitality.


Vigor, vitality, health, energy all comes from the removal of excess.


Less is more and when we remove the bloat, the clutter, and the excess, we can access the intrinsic power of both our bodies and our businesses.


Remove all things from your life that are not useful or beautiful and watch the magic happen.


In nature, life supposedly started out with single celled organisms that supposedly evolved into fish that supposedly turned into reptiles and grew until they were large behemoth dinosaurs.


The dinosaurs grew so huge and so inefficient that they died out and then the small mammals took over. The small mammals grew until they became behemoth wooly mammoths and then they became extinct too. Klonopin had a mild sedative effect on my son. During the day, I did not notice drowsiness behind him, he just became calmer, more balanced. That is, I did not see the side effects. Somehow because of family problems I could not sleep myself, because I thought for a long time, thoughts swarmed. I decided to take a pill, too. Somewhere in 40 minutes I felt that I was calming down, my breathing became more equal, the nervous system came back to normal.


If you become too large, you will eventually become extinct. Such is the way of nature.


If you look at ships, they evolved in the same way. First small, then big like the Titanic.


Big failed and now we are back to small.


Companies and factories have evolved the same way: Small first, then big, then back to small.


Less is more. Stay small as long as you can.


Stay hungry, stay lean avoid getting big and bloated and slow. When you are big and slow you are an easy target.


Guard the vitality of your body and your organization.


Vitality = Power – Obstruction


Remove the Obstruction.


Respect The Grind,

Stefan Aarnio


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