By: Stefan Aarnio

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Did you know, that when you go out crabbing, you never need a deep bucket. That’s because, once you put a crab in a bucket, it will prevent others from escaping. Pulling them back.


Unfortunately it is also a trait found in higher evolved creatures called humans.


You know some people write into me, they say Stefan I have a problem. I’m in the crab bucket whenever I try to reach up and move ahead with my life my family and my friends, people are pulling me down.


Now here’s an old piece of advice. The people who are most negative in your life, usually have the same last name as you, and it’s absolutely true.


I remember when I started out, I wanted to get into real estate. My father said I would never buy a property.


My mother said I paid too much for the real estate course I took to learn how to buy and sell real estate, and you know what it’s just the same old thing.


People, your friends and family, they want to see you get ahead, but they don’t want to see you get ahead of them, and that’s the key.


So if you’re in the crab bucket and you’ve got people grabbing on you and trying to pull you back and keep you down, the best thing you can do is just keep quiet about what you’re doing.


I say this to everyone who are trying to change their lives. You know think of it like this, your mind is a treasure box.


You’ve got all sorts of treasure and gold and riches, and if you open that up and start showing that to people they’re going to try to steal your treasure, they’re going to damage your treasure, vandalize your treasure.


It’s what people do when there’s something valuable right there, so if you’ve got something valuable keep it a secret, and one day when you’re leading by example maybe the crabs will follow you out of the bucket.


It’s probably going to take five years or ten years, and then maybe one day your friends and family will say, hey how about that little business you’re doing, that looks pretty successful, but it’s going to take time.


I’ve been doing this for I think I’m in year eight of what I’ve been doing and finally some of my friends and family are coming on board.


Remember this, Jesus wasn’t a prophet in his home town. What that means is Jesus was famous everywhere when he was alive, but in his home town he was just a guy, and same with you.


You know if you have friends and family that know you’re trying to get successful they will be watching you.


They’ll always remember the time you were seven years old and peed your pants, so you’ll always be that kid to them. They’re always going to remember that.\

That’s why you must escape the crab bucket in order to succeed.


Respect The Grind,

Stefan Aarnio

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