By: Stefan Aarnio

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If you have read my books (if you haven’t you need to) I talk about the three ways to get the skills and knowledge you need to succeed. They are…

  1. Hire a coach to help you succeed.
  2. Purchase courses and attend seminars and conferences.
  3. Work for free for the mentor or coach that has reached the level of success you want.


When I share this with some people. They say, “You know, Stefan, I’m not sure if I should invest in my education. Education is expensive.” If you think education is expensive, you should try ignorance.


There’s a line, it’s a famous line. It says, “School’s never out for the professional.”


If you go on my Facebook page, it says, “What school did Stefan attend?” It says, “School of life. Still attending.” I am still investing in my success education.


I don’t like to talk about the university I went to. I don’t like to talk about the high school I went to.


I don’t like to talk much about the degree I got, because I have a BA, which means barely able, in English and music.


It’s true. When people ask me how many languages I speak, I say I speak zero. I’m still learning English.

“School is never out for the professional.” What that means is you have to invest more and more and more in your success education today than ever before.


I try to read a book a week. One day, I’ll try to read a book a day, when I get to that point. I take more courses. I spend more on my education, more time, more effort, more money, than anybody else I know, and that has been the key to my success.


Success is all about who can invest the most. Are you going to be the person who can pay in full, which means pay for everything and go right to the top of the list?


Success is painful. You’ve got to pay in full for it. You can’t get it on a discount. Success isn’t cheap. I’m sorry, guys, but that’s exactly how it works.

If you want to somehow get successful without being educated, that’s not even happening today. You will notice that I did not include floundering around aimlessly learning by trial and error in the list above.


We live in the information age and you have to know more about information. You have to be more accessible to information. You have to be on top of the new information.


Some people even say we’re done with the information age and we’re into the conceptual age, where it’s all about being creative and using information to put things together.


Look, if you’re not out there getting educated, you’re getting left behind in the dust, and you’re not going to be able to compete with the people who are getting educated.
Respect The Grind,

Stefan Aarnio


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