By: Stefan Aarnio

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I get questions all the time about education. There’s young people out there wanting to know what should I do with my life.


Should I go to university?


Should I go to college?


Should I just drop out and become a vacuum cleaner salesman?


All sort of questions. The question I get is what has your education prepared you for?


I graduated with my BA, my “barely able,” in English. I decided I was going to go get a BS degree, which is science, but BS stands for other things, like bull shit.


I was going to go get my BS degree in computer science after. I don’t know why.


What I do know, is that what my education prepared me for was reading, writing papers, and taking tests, and signing up for more education.


That’s one of the problems with the old school system. The old school system is a big brontosaurus. It’s ready to die. It’s too big. It’s too bloated. It’s too obsolete, and it’s ready to go extinct.


If you look at the education system today, as in the education system outside of the traditional education system, there’s people learning from videos on Udemy.


There’s people learning on YouTube. The students in school today don’t even need the teachers anymore. Many of the students know more things about the subjects than the teachers do.


I remember taking school ten years ago, and we had primitive calculators, we weren’t allowed to use Google, we weren’t allowed to use Wikipedia.


Today, Wikipedia is a trusted source. You can use Google. A lot of the tests and the quizzes that the teachers are asking don’t make sense anymore.


The question is, guys, what is school teaching? Now, if there’s one thing that’s very important to learn at school it’s how to learn.


Learning how to learn, and learning how to consume knowledge today is the new literacy.


If you don’t know how to learn, you’re in trouble. Right now, a student who graduates today from college is going to change careers every four years.


In the old days, my mother’s generation, the baby boomers, you could get a job at the car factory or as a teacher, or as a doctor, something, and that job was good for your life.


You had a job, you went to school, you got a degree, everybody was happy, you retire, it’s over.


Now, for my generation, the echo boomers, every four years, we’re going to have a change. The reason that change is happening is because technology is growing so fast.


If I reach in my pocket here, I’ve got a thing here called the iPhone 10. It’s two Iphone fives, kind of like money, five and five makes a 10.


This is the iPhone 10, but if you look at it, we didn’t even have an iPhone eight years ago.


Eight or nine years ago, there was no iPhone. It was a flip phone. A drug-dealer phone. Imagine what we’re going to have in another eight years.


All the jobs today that are around, you know, servicing and working on these types of technologies in eight or nine or ten years are going to be gone.


The number one thing you got to know is learning to learn . It is the new money.


Respect The Grind,

Stefan Aarnio


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