By: Stefan Aarnio

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I get questions all the time about plan A versus plan B.


For those of you guys at home, when I say plan B, I’m not talking about the birth-control drug you take the morning after. I’m talking about plan A for your life and plan B.


In my book Self Made, I talked a little bit about how I invested so heavily in plan B, that plan A died at childbirth.


I use that kind of baby-dying metaphor there. It’s dark but it’s true.


I had this plan A of becoming a rock star. I wanted to be a rock star. I wanted to be rich. I wanted to be famous.


That was my goal but my mother, my father, my family convinced me that I need to go to a university, get a good, safe, secure job and plan B ended up overtaking plan A and plan A was gone.


My advice to all the young people out there who are thinking about plan A and plan B.


Once again, I’m not talking about the birth control. I’m talking about the plan for your life is if you got plan A and plan B, throw plan B out the window.


If I have a son one day or a daughter and they turn about 18, I’m going to say, look, you go as hard as you can into plan A until you’re absolutely finish and you decide you don’t want to do this plan anymore.


There is only one plan in your life. There’s no personal life and business life. You only have one life.


You only have one life guys and you should only have one plan. If one day, you decide you don’t like that plan, you can change the plan.


I would rather see you go as hard as you can at plan A and burn the boats and say, we’re doing it baby than for you to have a weak plan A and achieve plan B.


There’s only one formula for happiness in the world and that’s getting what you want and there’s one formula for unhappiness and that’s not getting what you want.


Nobody ever wants plan B. Everyone wants plan A. Throw plan B out the window. Go for plan A.


Be merciless. Be ruthless in how you pursue it and if for some reason you fail and you’re defeated and you don’t want plan A anymore then you can switch.


However, do that only when you’re absolutely exhausted and tired and covered in your own blood and other people’s blood.


That’s the time to switch. Don’t just go for plan B. It’s going to wreck your life and you’re going to be very unhappy.



Respect The Grind,

Stefan Aarnio

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