By: Stefan Aarnio

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I am often asked if getting a good well paying secure job with benefits and a retirement plan is a good choice.


The reality is, your job is way less secure than owning a business.


There’s two sides to that coin. On the one side you have people who have jobs and I’m Canadian so I’ll say you have a T4, in the States they say a W-2.


On the other side, there’s business owners and business owners own the corporation, they have many customers.


Now here’s the problem with the job.


Jobs are great. They give you regular stead cash flow. However if your boss doesn’t like you, he’s your one customer and he’s going to fire you.


You’re going to go from one customer down to zero customers.


If you have a business, you might have ten, twenty, thirty, a hundred, a thousand customers, however many customers you want or need.


If one customer fires you, you can always replace them and you can keep that business going.


In my opinion, I think it’s less risky to have a business and like me, I have thirteen income streams. If one stops flowing I still have twelve generating income for me.


I have multiple income streams because I want to be diverse in my customers and I want to be diverse in the ways I make money.

No one thing can kill me and you know, there’s a thing that’s said with diversity is you never make a killing but you never get killed.


With your job, you only got one customer and if that customer fires you, it’s game over.


If you are looking for true security, you will find it by creating multiple income streams


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Respect The Grind,

Stefan Aarnio


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