By: Stefan Aarnio

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You have a business idea. You are ready to get started. How do you raise money for your startup?


A lot of times, it’s very good to go raise money to start a business, but sometimes you might even be in the stage before raising money in which I think credit cards are a good way to start a business.


Now there’s an endless debate. Some people don’t like starting businesses with credit cards. I happen to like that. I’ve started many businesses with credit cards before and I think it’s a good thing to do.


You can go grab a couple credit cards, start the business up, get a little bit of proof of concept, and then you can go raise money from investors.


I personally would rather take the risk on a credit card than take the risk on someone else’s money and maybe hurt their money or hurt my word in the process.


Go ahead. Try out some seed capital, some credit cards. Maybe a thousand, two thousand dollars. You can do a little test and see if there’s a market for your idea before you go big.


That, my friend, is some of the best way to get started in business. Especially if its a thousand or two thousand dollars.


Even if you work at McDonald’s, you can pay off that credit card pretty quick if you’re even making minimum wage.


In my opinion, that’s the best way to play with some seed capital to start a business.


Now what is stopping you. Get started.


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