By: Stefan Aarnio

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The question a lot of people are asking is what should I invest in? In my opinion, the highest return you’re ever going to get on any investment is your own education. T


he reason for that is, if you do a little course say for a thousand dollars, let’s say you take a real estate course on the weekend for a thousand or two thousand or three thousand dollars and if you learn how to make an extra ten thousand dollars per year for the rest of your life, that investment is going to out pay anything else you ever do.


Education always pays the best dividends. When you invest in you, first of all no one else is going to invest into you but you. When you invest into you, you get that knowledge you can use for the rest of your life. Knowledge pays the best interest. Knowledge pays the highest return


Once you’ve made so much money with your education and your investment education and you got money banking up, then maybe it’s time to do some other investments.


In my opinion I think investing into you is the biggest thing. If you look at a guy named Henry Ford, he was a billionaire back about a hundred years ago.


Just less than a hundred years ago he was a billionaire. Henry Ford didn’t save money or invest money until he was about forty years olds because until he was forty, he spent every dollar he had on himself to become a smarter and better guy.


He was one of the richest men in the world for sure for a very long time. He made the investments into the highest paid investment ever which is your education.


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