Today’s a special day. It’s Remembrance Day. It’s November 11th at the 11th hour when the guns stopped shooting.


Now look, we’re here in Canada. We’re here in North America. We are in the better part of the world that enjoys a lot of freedom and a lot of security because of the people who fought and died in wars all over the world.


We’ve had World War II. That was the last great war. Then we’ve had many wars since.


There’s people out there fighting and dying every day so that we can be free to do our businesses and own properties and learn and do all the wonderful things that we want to do.

You got to think of it like this. One man’s freedom is another man’s oppression. There are people out there fighting every day so that we can have the privilege to do the things that we want to do every day and have all the prosperity that we do have.


Freedom is not free and there’s many people out there paying the price.


It’s Remembrance Day.


Have a good day, guys. I’m not going to ask for any business today because today is Remembrance Day, just out of respect to those who died and paid and earned our freedom every day. We’ll see you on the next video.


Respect the grind and respect Remembrance Day.

Stefan Aarnio