By: Stefan Aarnio

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I always get asked, “What type of business should I do?”


There’s an ongoing debate. Some people say, “Do a business you love.” Other people say, “Do a business you don’t love.”


Personally, I would rather you do business you don’t love because you don’t want to be passionate about your business. If you’re passionate about your business, you will be blinded by passion.


Because you love it, because you’re emotional about it, you’re going to make emotional decisions that have nothing to do with rationality.


I’m sitting here not even following my own advice because I have some businesses I’m very passionate about. I do stupid things when I’m in those businesses, because I am emotional not rational.


The businesses I do better with … For example, I have a home staging company. I’m not particularly passionate about home staging, but I make good decisions in that company because I am not in love with it at all, and that’s what makes a good business.


When you’re unpassionate or dispassionate about your business, you have a clear head and you can make better rational decisions because rational decisions equal profits.


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Respect The Grind,

Stefan Aarnio


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