By: Stefan Aarnio

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I get asked all the time about seminar junkies and seminar junkies are the guys that go from seminar to seminar to seminar to seminar to summit, summit, summit, summit.


They buy all the products, do all the things but they never take action. Their hard drives are full of ebooks and courses promising to take them out of poverty.


They are easy to spot as they are like magpies always chasing the shiny objects, and lining up to buy lottery tickets.


It’s kind of sad because you know years ago I used to go to a lot of seminars and now I’m putting on seminars teaching other people.


The same guys that I used to go with are now coming to my seminars to learn cause they’re just junkies. Going from seminar to seminar to seminar.


Yet they never take action.


Now how do you break being a junkie? For me, I was a junkie at one point and I just maxed out all my credit cards and ran out of money so I had to start taking action.


I was forced to but some of these junkies have good jobs and they can finance their seminar addiction.


The biggest thing is for you to take action. It is the Ultimate Success Secret.


Learn some knowledge, take action, take action, take action.


If your not taking action guys your just going to end up in the fantasy world of seminar junkies going from place to place collecting shiny objects.


Now think about that. You know it’s either time to take action on your knowledge or just get out of this all together and quit the fantasy.


There is no magic bullet that replaces taking action. Fantasy is expensive. Reality is where you want to be.


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Respect The Grind,

Stefan Aarnio


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