Now I got a young gentleman here. He says he’s 20 years old. He wants to be financially independent in five to ten years. Now I’m not really sure what financial independence means. I’m assuming that means you don’t need a job anymore. He wants to invest in gold and stocks. He’s looking for a stable market. He’s maybe also considering real estate.

Here’s the thing. You can go from zero to millionaire in five years. It’s doable. There’s many people who have done it throughout history, zero to millionaire in five years. The key is I think this gentleman needs a mental adjustment because he probably needs to get into entrepreneurship and business. Now I’m not saying that gold, stocks, real estate, finding a stable market is a bad thing, but from what this guy is asking, first of all, any stable market is not going to have very many gains. Your volatile markets, markets that go up and down, and up and down, are the one’s going to make your gains at by buying low and selling or refinancing high. When you have a stable market, by nature there’s probably not much gain to be made there.


I know exactly this guy’s position. I know where he was because I used to be 20 years old and I said I want to be retired by the time in 30. Now the crazy news is I did get to the point where my passive income was greater than my expenses, and it was very boring. I just played video games all day and I did nothing. Now I am doing many, many things to take the game to the next level. It’s not about me. It’s about you. We have gold, stocks, real estate, stable market. We have to ask ourselves what’s more important here. Is it the five to ten year goal more important or is the stability more important?

If the stability is more important, then maybe just get a job and go into gold, stocks, and real estate and be a small investor, but your time frame is probably going to be 30 to 40 years plus in order to get to the level you want to be at, to be able to quit your job, whatever that means. On the other side, if five to ten years is truly what you want, you need to go into entrepreneurship and business because in entrepreneurship it’s the only game in the world where you can work for five or ten years in insane ways building an insane company and perhaps selling out your business or company in five to ten years. The great thing about building a business, let’s say you can start even a local business, maybe a small chain of restaurants. Or you could start a tech company. I’m in the real estate business. Whatever business you decide to start, if you can get that business to a point of saleability, let’s say sell the business for 5, 10, 20, or $100 million, that’s where that business gets sold. You can take a lot of that money with very, very low taxes. This money can be invested at 8 to 12% and you’ll be secure and good forever. It will take you probably 5, 10, or maybe even 20 years to build that business.

For myself, I’m 29. I started in business when I was 22. I’ve been in my game for 7 years. Now for me, 10 years is where things start getting good. If I can stick around for 20, 30, 40 years, that’s where you get mega, mega rich. I’m Stefan Aarnio. I hope that this answers your question a little bit. I think that you have to draw a big line here and say what’s more important. Is it the five or ten years or is it the stability that you’re looking for? Because each one is going to give you a different answer. For myself, I choose the entrepreneurship route because stability isn’t that important to me. If you’re the personality where you’re looking for stability, then maybe you do want to get a job and stick to this stuff and stay away from the crazy stuff.

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