Everything and everyone has a price.

Everything in life has a cost: money, time, effort, energy, the list goes on.

It always shocks me to see people that want something for nothing.

They don’t want to pay money; the price is always too high.

They don’t want to spend the time, they are always too busy.

They don’t want to spend the energy, they are always too tired.

They don’t want to make the effort because they don’t have the self-esteem.

They don’t want to spend anything at all, and with nothing spent they receive nothing in return.

Life will pay you any price you demand, life will give you anything you desire.

The career you want is there, the family you want is there, the body you want is there, it all exists if you will only pay the price. Of course, when we start talking about making the investment of time, money, effort, energy, that’s where the wheels start to fall off the bus.

We were so excited about the result – the output – what we were GETTING. But when it came to the cost – the input – what we were GIVING, we became less excited.

Success really is about giving and who can give the most. I used to work for a man who ran the 40th fastest growing company in Canada and his marketing strategy was to GIVE more free information to the market than anyone else.

When you see a champion fitness athlete, you see someone who GAVE more time, effort, energy or attention than anyone else.

When you see a loving family, you see people who GAVE more than anyone else.

When you see someone who is doing great at sales or in business, they simply GAVE more to the market than anyone else.

Stop thinking about the cost and start thinking about the result. Stop thinking about what you are going to lose and start thinking about everything you will gain.

The moment you realize that you need to switch your thinking from getting to giving is when your success in any endeavor will start to shine.

Ask yourself:

1) What do you want?
2) What are you willing to give to get it?

Once you have that figured out, go do it!

Respect The Grind,