Be unpredictable

The strategic mind is unpredictable.

Nothing is more powerful than an unpredictable mind.

When you are predictible, people become familiar, complacent and comfortable with you. They can see the moves you will make in advance and your strategies will be ineffective.

There are many types of power; power of information, power of morality, power of punishment, power of prizes, power of charmisa but one of the most potent types of power is the power of crazy.

The person who is unpredictible will leave everyone else on edge in anticipation waiting on his next move.

This works in business, in love and in war.

The unpredictible side has all of the power and can be impossible to stop.

Consider the power of terrorism. The United States, the biggest, strongest military in the world cannot stop a group of unpredictible and “crazy” rebels who supposidly live in caves in the desert and most of them don’t speak English.

They have no high tech weapons, no centralized power and the US is spending billions of dollars to fight the phantom of terror.

The rebels are unpredictible and are indeed crazy by western values. They will strap bombs to the men, women and children to destroy their enemies and it’s impossible to tell where and when they will strike.

The unpredictible nature of a terrorist is what gives him power. Who is the terrorist? He is annonymous until he strikes, no one knows in advance.

A terrorist attack is unpredictible in time and place and the unpredictiblity will keep their enemies on edge.

In your business, in your life be unpredictible. It will give you power and freedom to leave the other side on edge.