In basketball you don’t get any points when the ball “almost” goes in the basket. You either score or you don’t, there is no halfway.

In politics, your candidate either gets into office or doesn’t, even if they lose by a few votes. It’s all or nothing, there is no halfway.

In sales the best salesman earns 100% of the comission when he wins the sale, a halfway salesman does not earn 50% of the comission for almost earning a sale. There are no rewards for halfway.

Good is the enemy of Great.

Getting a project halfway is the enemy of everything that is good.

You can never win with a halfway project.

The bank does not finance halfway built buildings.

No one wants to eat a half baked cake.

Consider that book you have always wanted to write. You have halfway written it, finish it off or decide that you will never finish it and move on.

That business idea you have always wanted to start, get it up and running – all the way! Or decide to close off the possibility and never speak of it again.

Decide is Latin and means to cut away the other option. You must decide what is a priority and what is not, never settle for halfway.

That girl you have been chasing for months but aren’t getting anywhere with, make her your girlfriend or move on. There is no halfway.

Be merciliess with halfway.

When Steve Jobs returned to Apple to save the company in the late nineties, he immediately eliminated 70% of the products on the product line. He reduced the product line down to 4 major products desktop and portable for the consumer and desktop and portable for the professional.

Steve jobs was the enemy of haflway at Apple.

When Jack Welch began the turnaround of General Electric he eliminated entire divisions of the business that were not #1 or #2 in their market. He was also famous for elminating the bottom 10% of employees to create massive growth and become one of the greatest managers of all time.

Jack welch was the enemy of halfway at GE.

You are destined for greatness and cannot afford to be halfway on anything. Any project, any person, any endeavour you take on, take it all the way or eliminate it.

You will be happier, more focused, have more energy and get more done by elminating the weight of haflway projects.

Be merciless with halfway, be the enemy of halfway, eliminate halfway all together and claim the greatness you were destined for.

Respect The Grind,
Stefan Aarnio