A billionaire once told me that multi tasking is multi stupid.

The mind can only focus on one thing at once.

To multi task, you need to split your focus (which is impossible) between two things and instead of truly splitting it, all you are doing is rapidly focusing and unfocusing on two different endeavors.

Going on a business trip and trying to have a holiday with your family never really works. You don’t serve your business and you don’t serve your family.

Real successful people work hard and rest hard. When they work, they work, family time is not happening. When they rest they are with family and work is turned off.

They fully serve their work and then switch to fully serving their family.

There is no half service or split service.

As an entrepreneur it’s sometimes tough to find the line between business and pleasure, but the better you can draw the line, the better rested you will be and the more effective and efficient you will be.

You must ask yourself, whom do you serve? As Bob Dylan says, “you’ve got to serve somebody” no matter how rich or poor you are, you are always serving.

Even if you own Apple computers, the most valuable company in the world, you still serve the customer and the investors.

When you find the person who you serve, serve them fully. Maybe you serve customers, maybe you serve family, and maybe you serve yourself.

The only effective servie is full service, half service is never appreciated and most people will accept nothing less than the best.

Who do you serve? How do you serve them? How can you serve them fully? And how can you increase service?

The law of reciprocity states that the more you give, the more you get.

Serve others and they will serve you in return.

Respect The Grind,
Stefan Aarnio