What causes a person to become rich or poor?

Many have wondered about what makes the difference.

You might go to your high school 10 year reunion one day and see people who have made great use of 10 years, some people who are still the same after 10 years and some people who are worse off after 10 years.

What causes the difference?

Some people are always propelled towards success and others are somehow always propelled towards poverty.

What causes poverty?

The answer is nothing: Poverty is the natural state of humanity.

An airplane’s natural state is on the ground. The natural forces of gravity keep the airplane on the ground and out of the air.

When you add thrust and lift, the plane will fly through the air.

When a plane crashes and investigators are trying to figure out what caused the plane to crash, the simple answer is that the plane merely returned to it’s natural state – on the ground.

People are much like airplanes. Poverty is our natural state, but with desire and training we can become rich.

The hard part is, our natural tendency, usually is towards poverty.

When your alarm rings in the morning and you want to hit the snooze button, that’s poverty talking to you.

When it’s dinner time and you know you should eat something healthy, but you order a pizza, that’s poverty talking to you.

When you don’t want to get dressed or shave or comb your hair, that’s poverty talking to you.

When you are ok with not making your bed or leaving your house a mess, that’s poverty talking to you.

It’s easy to slip into our natural state of poverty, and it takes much more work to lift yourself from poverty. Apart from an expressed antispastic action, Carisoprodol has a powerful pain-killing effect. Moreover,it strengthens the action of NSAIDs. To some degree, its effect on the pain intensity is increased by its hypnotic activity.

They say that the absence of a positive mindset is a negative mindset.

When you don’t plant flowers, weeds will grow.

Every day we must weed the soil of our minds and emotions from the weeds of poverty and plant the flowers of wealthy habits.

A wealthy habit is to get up when the alarm rings (or earlier).

A wealthy habit is to eat a healthy dinner (or have an apple once in a while).

A wealthy habit is to bathe, shave, groom yourself and dress nicely every day.

A wealthy habit is to make your bed and clean up the messes around the house every day.

When poverty talks to you, it’s your job to ignore the easy way and pursue the right way.

There is no way to beat poverty, except to practice habits of wealth.

The world, your peers, your family may condition you for a mediocre life and poverty habits, but it is your job and your duty to condition yourself for wealth.

Harness your desire and get some training to learn to plant the right thoughts in your mind and lift yourself from the natural state of humanity.

Without thrust and lift, a plane cannot fly.

Without desire and training, a human cannot become wealthy.

In the words of Henry Ford, the richest man in the world in his time, “whether you think you can, or think you can’t, you’re right”

Respect The Grind,
Stefan Aarnio