There are literally trillions of dollars every day looking for something to invest in, whether it be stocks, businesses or real estate.

This money is swarming around looking for the best value and the truth is: the money wants you more than you want the money!

Private money lenders are everywhere, to prove my point, go online to google and type in “hard money lenders”

At the time of writing in 2017, google retrieved: About 4,980,000 results (0.61 seconds)

That is all of the people looking to give you money! It’s an unbelievable to think that getting money is hard.

These money lenders all have a problem: They have money to move, and they need a good, reasonably safe vehicle to put it into.

The fastest way to get private money lenders, if you know no one, is to get a great mortgage broker.

A great mortgage broker should have access to a minimum of 45 lenders, many of which will be private. They also have their own book of business with clients who directly send them money to lend.

You can do a deal or two through the broker, then go direct to the lender and negotiate an exclusive deal.

There is literally unlimited money looking for deals, the question is do you have a good deal?

So in sum, there are two quick ways to get private money lenders:

Google “hard money lenders” and google will show you the local guys
Get a great mortgage broker on your team, do a few deals, then go direct for better terms.

Respect The Grind,
Stefan Aarnio

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