This is Best Places to Invest in Real Estate. I’m Stefan Aarnio, award-winning real estate investor, award-winning entrepreneur and author of three books on real estate investing. Been doing this for almost a decade. Here are the best places to invest in real estate. So I’ve given you three criteria that I want to see if you want to find the best places to make money in real estate investing.

Number one, I want you to chose a Growth Market.

So this is a market that’s growing. And how do you know if it’s growing or not? They’ve got industry, healthy industry that’s getting better and better and better. These are areas that have a net migration; there’s more people moving in then people moving out. The last one is Transportation: Can you get to these markets? Is there an airport; is there a port; is there a rail line; is there a highway for people to get there?

So, number one, I want a growth market, a market that’s growing.

Number two, I want a Value Market.

Now value markets are markets where people live and they work in the same market. So I live in Winnipeg; it’s a real value market. People who live in Winnipeg make money and work in Winnipeg in the Winnipeg industries.

If you go to Palm Springs, California, that is a Vanity Market. It’s a trophy market where people want to move after they made their money. So there’s no jobs, there’s no real industry in Palm Springs except for service industries. So that’s a market that when the economy turns bad, Palm Springs turns into a bad place to invest. So I want a Value Market so no matter what’s going on, people are still living there, still buying things.

And the last one is I want a Transitional Neighborhood.

So I want a neighborhood that is getting better all the time. So this is a neighborhood that maybe used to be gangs, maybe used to be crack houses, maybe it used to be prostitutes and drugs and scary things, but in five years is gonna be really nice.

If you can pick a Growth Market, a Value Market, and a Transitional Neighborhood that’s transitioning up; it’s getting better every day, the renters are moving out, the homeowners are moving in. You’re gonna make a ton of money investing in real estate in those areas.

I love what one of my mentors says. He goes: You go right between the good and the bad. Here’s the good, here’s the bad. This zone in the middle is the next zone.

I’m Stefan Aarnio. Respect the grind. Like, Share, Comment, Subscribe to my channel. I’ll see you on the next video.