Your life is the sum of your philosophy, attitude and activities.

A shift in philosophy can completely change your life…

All transformational change comes from a shift in philosophy.

Most people live transactionally, things stay the same and they just do transactions.

I transformed my company this year from “Stefan Aarnio Organization to Stefan Aarnio High Performance”

We Build great products, Have excellent Service and Transform People.

This was a shift in philosophy and changed the way we approached the business.

I don’t sell coaching, coaching is a dirty word, I sell high performance, that is a shift in philosophy and a standard for myself, my staff and my students.

Recently I changed the philosophy again.

Uber has the worlds biggest car fleet but owns no cars.

Facebook is one of the biggest media providers and has no content.

Air BNB is the biggest provider of hotel rooms and owns no buildings.

The world has shifted from the industrial age to the information age and I would argue we are in the conceptual age, beyond in formation.

My company is a sales organization with no sales people now, I have eliminated the sales department, sales managers, and professional salespeople.

We only have customer service and fulfillment, there is no salespeople. This is a major philosophical shift and it’s working magic.

If you want to geometrically change, you must transform. It’s not enough to be transactional anymore.

Blockbuster was transactional, they lost to netflix, a transformational concept.

Kodak was transactional, they should have transformed into Instagram.

Walmart right now is transactional and under attack from Amazon a transformational philosophy, they are in big trouble and Warren Buffet sold all his Wal Mart stock recently.

Transformational will be wiped out, like primitive cave men by stronger, better tribes with guns, germs and steel.

You cannot afford to be transformational and to have fixed philosophy anymore.

You need to be fluid in your philosophy and transform when necessary.

It’s painful to transform, it’s expensive, it hurts.

You might have to hire an expensive coach to see your own eyeballs.

If you are a pickle in a jar, you can’t read your own label unless you have someone on the outside of the jar to tell you if you are a gherkin, a polish pickle, a sweet pickle or a dill pickle.

When you live in the Jar, you can’t read the label.

What do you need to do to transform and get to the next level?

Ask yourself this every day, what is my philosophy? What is my attitude? What is my activity? Can a shift in philosophy change the game forever?

Be a game changer, be a play maker, break out of the fixed dogma, be bold, be brave, be amazing!

Respect The Grind,