When you are living your purpose, you get up early in the morning without an alarm.

You stay up late, focused, without getting tired.

You never tire from your purpose or get bored with it.

Your purpose is an obsession.

You forget to eat, forget to drink water, forget everything else.

Fear doesn’t stop you, weakness doesn’t tempt you and you become relentless…

People who are not living their purpose say “slow down”, “take a break”, “have a little fun”, “take a vacation”

They don’t understand that your purpose makes you happy, and that to you, every day is Saturday.

Time is no matter and it never matters what day it is.

Screw the TGIF clock punching mentality, you are seizing everything you ever wanted In life!

You only get one shot in this life, don’t waste it living someone else’s dream.

Live your purpose, there is no other way…