Simpler and Smaller Takes More Effort

There is always a human desire to be bigger and better.

As if size was always the most important thing.

Like men measuring their biceps, is size the most important thing?

What about the opposite?

Instead of focusing on bigger and more complex, what if you focused on simpler and smaller?

Simpler, smaller, more affordable, more accessible, something that everyone can use…

When Elon Musk created Tesla, his strategy was in 3 parts:

1) Produce a high cost high value electric car

2) Produce a medium cost, medium value electric car

3) Produce a low cost, lower value electric car

He went for the high cost electric car because he would get the most profit from that to fund the lower cost models, several companies have followed this strategy of high cost high value and then they go huge when they go smaller and simpler.

Look at Apple

1) First it was the mac, a high priced high value machine

2) Then the iMac, lower cost lower value

3) Then the iPod

4) Then the iPhone

5) Then the iPad

Each wave brought apple more accessibly, more simplicity and more into the mainstream.

Anyone could use an Apple product instead of just high end designers who needed macs to render graphics and video.

The questions you have to ask yourself are:

1) How can I make this product smaller and more affordable?

2) How can I make this product so anyone can participate?

3) How can I make the product sticky or easy to share?

4) How can I make the product easier to use?

5) How can I make the product simpler?

To go from high cost high value to low cost and accessibility take tremendous amounts of effort.

In my own company I opened high ticket coaching first, and as I sit here tonight editing my 4th book for publishing, it takes an exponential amount of effort to capture a $20 sale.

The same is the elegance of the iPod, the elegance of the low cost tesla, or any other product that was made simpler to be brought to the masses.

Not everyone can afford you, but how can you bring what you do to the masses and make it accessible for everyone?

Dave Grohl, former drummer of Nirvana and front man of Foo Fighters has written some of the greatest rock songs of all time, when asked “if you could have written any song in history which song do you wish you wrote?”

His answer was “Happy birthday” because everyone has access to it and can sing it.

The writers of happy birthday also made more in royalties than any other song writer.

If you can solve the problem of accessibility and affordability you will be able to become richer and more influential than you can ever imagine.

Respect the Grind,
Stefan Aarnio