If you want something done, and if you want something done well, give it to a busy person.

A busy person is always doing something, they are getting things done.

But the truth is, everyone is always doing something, but maybe not getting anything done.

If you go to a poverty part of your town, you will notice that everyone is at home during the work day. Sleeping in, hanging out on the porch. Nothing is getting done. If you go inside the houses, mom and dad are both home napping, the kids are at home playing Xbox, the dog is home, the cat is home. Nothing is produced. Everyone is home all the time in the poverty parts of town waiting for their government checks to come in the mail.

When you go to a rich part of town, you will notice almost no one is home during the day. These people are out doing things, they are busy, they are creating, producing and getting things done. 

The people in the poor part of town will say they are busy, staying at home all day. The rich people will probably never say they are busy… Why?

Rich people have eliminated the word busy from their lives. They make time, they create time.

If they need time, they block it off, create it, allocate it and do whatever needs to be done.

On the weekend this past weekend I went into the office to work on a few projects that I was going to play around with for a few hours. On Saturday I worked 12 hours, Sunday 18 hours. A 30 hour work weekend. Was it excessive? Yes. But I made time for the projects and now they are done.

This weekend I probably won’t work 30 hours on the weekend, but the point is: if you make something a priority then you will make time and it will get done.

There is no excuse of “busy”.

The busiest people never say they are busy. 

The poorest people, the poverty mindsets always are busy and have something to do.

They also have excuses on why life isn’t better, why they don’t have more money, why they aren’t in better shape or their relationships aren’t better.

Busy is an excuse, it’s a disease, just stop using it and your life will change.

I offered a personal development class to my employees free of charge. The people who really needed to take the class were “busy”, the performers made time.

Sometimes the people who need help the most are the hardest to help.

Action Step: Eliminate the word busy from your language today, replace it with scheduling time in your calendar to do a task and make sure it is done. We all have 24 hours in a day, people who say they are busy are usually not. Truly productive people do not rely on the excuse of “busy”. 

Respect The Grind,
Stefan Aarnio