There is an old saying when it comes to marketing and what people think of you “A third love you, a third hate you and a third don’t care”

This is probably true for most normal people and products, one third love, one third hate and one third indifference.

A great product, a great message makes a statement and with any statement there will be an equal and opposite resistance.

If you do nothing and say nothing, then you will become nothing.

Nothing commands indifference and this is the worst-case scenario in marketing or in art. 

But if you are bold, brave and make a statement, you will have higher amounts of love and hate towards you and this is what you want as a marketer.

Love and hate are very similar emotions. Love can easily transform into hate and hate can transform into love, but indifference is hard to turn into love or hate.

Love and hate are driven by passion and whether your message is passionately loved or passionately hated, it’s still good for you.

To have your message felt with indifference means that you did not make a big enough statement to capture the hearts and minds of your audience.

Love and hate are good, indifference is not.

Love and hate are remembered and talked about, indifference is forgotten.

“Rather be forgotten, then remembered for giving in” Dennis Lyxzen

When choosing your marketing message, you are better to go big and be bold, be brave, take a risk and be amazing. Take the chance of having your message be “the best thing since sliced bread” or burst into flames like the Hindenburg.

When you push with a statement at least you have a chance capture the hearts and minds of the audience with love or hate like all great art does.

Love or hate are great places for your message to live rather than the infinite trash bin of indifference.

If you are loved, that is easy to live with.

If you are hated, that is a little harder to live with, but at least know that love and hate are closely related and for every person who hates you, another one loves you just the same.

Just don’t settle for indifference.

Indifference is the one place you don’t want to be.

Respect The Grind,
Stefan Aarnio