There comes a point where hard work no longer pays off.

You are booked 18 hours of work a day with 6 hours of sleep to stay alive. 

You push harder and harder but there is nothing left.

At some point, hard work can no longer save you.

I remember years ago in 2014 when I hired my first few employees, I took a vacation to Mexico to take some time off. This was the first time that my business could do more than I could ever handle alone.

I got off the plane and the stress of all the things that weren’t being done hit me. My gut reaction was to “work harder”, my brain frantically tried to find a way for me to do all the work myself, it began calculating all the things I needed to do.

Instead of getting it done, I collapsed and went to the hospital to rest in peace for a few days.

You can’t do it all, grinding as it comes to work ethic is mandatory, but at some point, you can’t push any harder.

So what do you do?

Don’t change what you are doing, instead change what your doing does.


Just as a caterpillar can’t caterpillar his way to becoming a butterfly, you can’t just simply grind your way to the next level. There has to be a transformation or a metamorphosis along the way.

Where others are looking to transact their way to success, doing deal after deal after deal in a linear way, transform your business to work geometrically instead.

Look to work half as hard and get twice as much done, this will bring new answers to your mind.

Look at your current revenue and add a zero on the end.

If you are making $10,000 a month then shoot for $100,000 a month. Your way of doing business will transform forever.

The way you make your first $100,000 is way different than your first $1,000,000.

When I was a 6 figure earner I used to do one on one meetings daily, that was my bread and butter. When I transformed into a 7 figure earner, my meetings became one to many both with customers and with staff.

If you are hell bent on doing 1 on 1 meetings, you will be trapped in the 6 figure earning cycle, if you can get into 1 to many you can break into 7 figures.

8 figures is a different game, so Is 9 figures, every new zero ads a transformational way of doing things.

Brute force isn’t enough to add a zero to your current business, pushing harder won’t do it and grinding more isn’t the answer either.

At some point, you must do less.

Doing less, cutting away but getting more is where leverage lies.

Anyone who has become a massive financial success has used leverage.

Getting more done by doing less. It’s an elegant, simple concept, but not easy.

The only way to achieve such elegance of doing less is to think different and transform from a transactional way of doing business to transformational.

Do less.

First ask yourself, how can you double your results by doing half the work and then challenge your premises.

Do you need those 1 on 1 meetings?

Do you need the staff you say you do? Will an automated system do?

Can you offload your fulfillment into a digital system instead of a people based system?

Does adding more hours a day to your workload actually help you or hurt you?

These are major questions to ask while practicing the art of doing less.

Find the answer and you will achieve what so few dream of: freedom through leverage and the art of doing less.

Respect The Grind,
Stefan Aarnio