Hey guys, Stefan Aarnio here for another video. Now, some of you are looking for a house flipping calculator and house flipping calculators are … there’s the quick and easy way that I show people to do it, which is buy it for $0.40 to 0.60 cents to the dollar, fix it to $0.70, sell it at $1.00 cents and then there’s the technical one. Now, if you want to spin around here, I’ll show you one that I’m giving to you right now. If you go to houseflippingcalculator.com this is one that I’ve developed and it’s very technical, it’s free. I’m going to send it to you for free. What you do is, you click here. You got to put in your email and then I’m going to give you a free house flipping calculator. This thing is really powerful. I’ve even got a training video here to show you how it works.

You press here, download the spreadsheet. This is really popular with my people, my audience. You come here, House Flipping Calculator, here it is. This is some pretty powerful, almost managerial kind of accounting. We’ve got every single bucket. You’ve got your property information bucket, what are you buying it for? You’ve got your purchase information over here. Everything like land transfer, tax, broker fees, environmentals and inspection appraisal. You got your financing, first mortgage, second mortgage. You got your hard money, cash required at close. You got your expenses. Everything you could ever imagine, trash removal, advertising, caretaker management, sewer, lawn, legal, accounting, evictions, payroll and that dead service thing.

Then you’ve got income while holding. Here’s all your holding incomes usually have on a buy and hold property. Maybe if you’re flipping, maybe you do have some income. Unlikely that you do. Then you got your sale costs over here. You got your profit and loss, cash required and then your analysis. It’s all here and what I recommend people do is they do numbers two ways. I’ll just erase this here. Do your numbers two ways. One way, I call it napkin numbers. You do your napkin numbers, which is really easy. Let’s say it’s this. You’re buying it for 100. You’re going to fix for 40. You’re going to sell for 200. It’s going to cost you, let’s say, 20k to sell. You’re going to be left with 40 grand.

Then you got your debt service. Let’s say your debt service for the year would be, you’re boring 130,000, your debt would say 7,000 or so. You’re making 33,000 bucks. This is very quick napkin numbers. When you’re doing things like acquisitions, when you’re buying, when you’re acquiring, you have to do it on the street fast. You got to know your napkin numbers; buy, fix, sell, cost to sell. This is usually about 10% of the ARV. Here’s your gross profit and you got your debt service. Then you got your net profit, which is usually 10%. This is more like a 15% because it’s a really great deal. You got your napkin numbers and then you also want to do, I call this your spreadsheet numbers.

This is like science, this is a scientific thing and when you get scientific, this is where you can do your budget two ways. You can go through your budget this way and then you can go through your budget napkin numbers style. I think you should do both because in your deal, you’re also going to get a thing called the profit and loss, the PNL at the end, that’s usually a Quick Books file. We have a thing in here called The System. This is a program that all my coaching students get included with their coaching. If you want to buy it alone, it’s $5,400. Inside this program is this thing called the PNL checker. I’m showing this to you if I can even can show you the PNL checker. I might have it here. Let’s see if I can find it. PNL. I don’t even know if I have it here on my computer. What I can do is, I can download it from the system. I’m just going to go into the system right now. This is how you use the system.

Check it out, you just go to stafanaarnio.customerhub. Log in, hey Dick, you got a deal? Just one sec. Just one sec. We go to our files, PNL checker, PNL checker. Right here, all these files, I can’t even find it on my computer but I can find it in the system in two seconds. Here’s the thing called the PNL checker. When you’re doing your projections, you want to use your house flipping calculator and your napkin numbers but then when the deals’ done, you got your profit and loss and Quick Books and you want to pull out the PNL checker. Here it is. This is where you check your estimations versus your actual costs and you can see exactly what did this deal make and you can check the book even, you can check for errors because your checker is going to check to see if things are in line or out of line but you have to use system’s guys.

The House Flipping Calculator is a system, it’s a free system that I’m giving to you today. Have it. It took a lot to develop. Then if you want some of the more advanced stuff, the System’s a great place to start. Don’t be afraid about spending money on training or systems. That’s what really adds value to your business, ads value to you. That’s how you increase your income. I increased my income by getting training, by getting coaching, by getting people showing me how to do this stuff and we built a real business of real value. I’m Stefan Aarnio guys, host of House Calculator, it’s on me. You just got to go, here, I’ll show you the website one more time. It’s right here at houseflippingcalculator.com. I’ll give it to you. Enjoy. Good luck on your deals. I’m Stefan Aarnio. Respect the grind. Like, share, comment, subscribe to my channel. I’ll see you on the next video.