Henry Kaminski

Henry Kaminski Jr. is the founder of Unique Designz by the HMK Group, a full-service graphic design, branding, and marketing company.

He is the author of the Amazon best seller “Refuse To Give Up.” He’s also the host of the popular “Brand Doctor’s Podcast” where he talks about strategies that help entrepreneurs design reputable and
profitable personal brands.

As a self-taught graphic designer and brand consultant, he’s overcome all the odds to build a wildly successful multi-million-dollar business over the past decade.

He has worked with a diverse range of business owners and professionals, including Jon Bon Jovi and Internet marketing expert Russell Brunson who has named Henry the “Million Dollar Designer”.

Ultimately, Henry is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs that need help with converting their expertise and personal brands into scalable business models.

Podcast Transcribtion:

Stefan: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the show Respect the Grind with Stefan Aarnio. This is the show where we interview people who’ve achieved mastery and freedom through discipline. We interview entrepreneurs, athletes, authors, artists, real estate investors, anyone who’s achieved mastery and examine what it took to get there. Today on the show, we have Henry Kaminski. He’s the brand doctor. Been in the business for over 12 years. He’s all about positioning your brand so that you can add extra value and get the clients you want coming to you, pulling them in rather than you out there pushing on them. And his book is called “Refuse to Give Up.”

Stefan: Thank you for being on the show, Henry. Respect the Grind. Welcome, sir.

Henry: My man. Thanks for having me. Appreciate you.

Stefan: You sound good, bro. You sound like money. So we were talking a little bit before the show, Henry. And I’m from Winnipeg in Canada. This is the murder capital where we murder for capital like Jay-Z says. I’m from the murder capital where we murder for capital. And I heard you’re from Jersey. And I was saying, Jersey Shore, man, I used to watch that when MTV actually had shows and stuff on it. It used to have music. MTV used to be music. I was watching Jersey Shore. And I said hey, man is that real? Is Jersey Shore real?

Henry: No. No. It’s a bad representation of our state, but we got a lot of publicity for it and we’ll take it and run.

Stefan: Yeah, man. And I notice you’re just saying Jersey. So you don’t have to say New Jersey. Just say Jersey. So it’s funny though because you’re a brand guy. I call myself a brandpreneur myself. Different types of entrepreneurs. Some guys are tech. Some guys are whatever. All my companies are branded companies.

Henry: Good.

Stefan: And let’s talk about Jersey Shore super quick though. The brands. Mike the Situation, last time I checked on him made five million dollars in a year off his brand. He’s got zero talent. Snooki, Snookify your life, the meatball. You’re saying she’s got some brands. Let’s talk about that and then we’ll talk about you.

Henry: Sure, man. I just think you know these days you must have a personal brand in order to stand out. I mean what your differentiating factor? What’s your point of difference? It’s you. So if you’re not investing in that, then you’re just looking like everybody else. So that’s what we need to do going forward because you’re actually seeing the bigger brands now actually become more of a personality out there that’s really captivating the audience and bringing people in because I’ll tell you, if you don’t do this you’re going to be in trouble. You’re going to be in big trouble.

Stefan: You know what I love about your saying, actually I’m giving that a gong, bro. I say you got to live as a brand or die a commodity. I got a book coming out called “Live as a Brand or Die a Commodity.” And what you’re saying is so true. I think that’s the ultimate intangible is adding you and the relationship of you to the product or service. You know when I’m selling high tech and I say hey man, here’s my personal number. Call or text me any time when you need me. You got me. I’m here. You got my team. You got the product. You probably won’t need to call me because the product’s good, but if you need to you can call me. Most people don’t call.

Henry: No, they don’t. And it’s that personal touch that really makes the user experience amazing. And that’s what branding is all about. So it’s about understanding your customer. And it’s about appreciating them. So how do we do that? So I have a program called the brand accelerator program that helps you understand your ideal client, helps you position them, helps you to stand out from everybody else by understanding them. By understanding their pains, their challenges, why they should buy from you and not your competitor. And then how do we appreciate them. Well, we give them one hell of a user experience where they’re never going to forget. And then they’re going to tell all their friends. The next thing you know, you’re there as the subject matter expert that everybody’s knocking on the door for.

Henry: So that’s how you position yourself from a real high level. Now, we can get into some of the challenges and trials and tribulations that I went through to really get to where I’m at today because I cycled twice. And do you know what cycling means, Stefan?

Stefan: You know, to me cycling’s a bike.

Henry: Okay. So when you cycle is when you earn tremendous amounts of income and profit and then you lose it all. And then you come back strong. And then you lose it all. So a cycle is when you go up and come down hard. And one of my mentors said you don’t really earn your stripes until you’ve cycled three times.

Stefan: Oh.

Henry: I cycled twice. And I don’t see a third time coming.

Stefan: Gong show already. I want you to say that again. Instant replay for the people at home. You don’t earn your stripes. Say that again.

Henry: Yeah, you don’t earn your stripes until you cycle at least three times. But let’s try not to cycle three times. I tell you. Very stressful.

Stefan: You know what, what you’re saying to me I love this saying. It’s being an entrepreneur is like riding a lion because the guy on the lion is like people are watching like oh that’s awesome. He’s riding a lion. The guy on the lion is like I hope this lion doesn’t eat me. And you’ve been eaten by the lion twice. Bro, I’ve taken punches. I’ve taken hits. I’ve said to my sales guys, I’ve been in the war for over ten years, bro. I’m in the war. You guys are just starting. This is actual combat. So let’s talk about the cycling. So first business went up. What was it?

Henry: Well, it’s the same business that cycled.

Stefan: Oh, same business.

Henry: Yeah, same business I cycled twice.

Stefan: All the way down to zero like where you’re like out.

Henry: Well, it was passed zero, dude. It was negative. So what happened was I ran by business for five years, for six years. I started as a graphic designer. Was churn and burn business cards, brochures, websites, that kind of thing. Fiver came out, destroyed sort of… I shouldn’t say destroyed. Disrupted the industry. And then on top of that, Hurricane Sandy came through Jersey and wiped out two of my biggest clients. So two clients were worth about quarter of a million. And I couldn’t recupe that. I couldn’t figure out how to recupe that. And then Fiver was slapping me around. So I said if I can’t beat them, I’m going to join them.

Henry: So I became a Fiver designer on the DL. What happened was I would be working 60 hours a week and getting $70 paychecks from PayPal. And I said well, this isn’t sustainable. And then I got my ass kicked by a woman who ordered a business card design double sided for $5 and dragged me through the mud for six hours to get it approved. So do the math. I was making about $0.30 an hour with that. And I said that’s when things need to stop.

Stefan: Bam. $0.30 an hour. Got to stop that.

Henry: Yeah.

Stefan: Go ahead, bro.

Henry: So here’s what happened. Didn’t change my lifestyle. Kept it from everybody. And business started to tank. Lifestyle stayed the same. You know what happens to your bank account when that happens. And so eventually I went to my wife and said, you know I’m negative. I need to figure something out here. I’m struggling. I’m in trouble. She jumps off the bed. And grabs the laptop. Comes back into bed and now I’m thinking we’re looking for divorce attorneys at this point. She’s like, “Let’s get to work.” And so she helped me sort of do some competitive analysis and really started to get me back on my feet. And this is when I was just searching high and low for somebody to help. And I bumped into Russell Brunson’s podcast.

Henry: And so I started listening to Russel Brunson’s podcast. Learned about his inner circle program which was a $25000 mastermind group at the time. I didn’t know that. So I enrolled without getting more information. So I went through the sales process and when the sales person said, “Dude, it’s $25000 to get in.” I was like I don’t have that. And so they said, well let me see what we can do. You seem like an eager guy. So they said, “Well, we have a $10000 package.” And now here I’m negative $2500 in my bank account. How the hell am I going to pay for this?

Stefan: Right.

Henry: One thing I did have, Stefan, was credit. I did have credit. So I took out the Amex, swiped it for $10000 and I said it’s not if this works, it’s when this works. And so me and Russell get on our first call. We’re both hysterical crying because I tell him my whole story from soup to nuts. On the spot he hires me for $6000 to help him with him first book launch.

Stefan: Wow.

Henry: And that was it.

Stefan: How many years ago was that?

Henry: That was “Dot Com Secrets.” So that was about three years ago. Three and a half years ago.

Stefan: I saw Brunson speak on the weekend. And he’s doing 100 mil. I was down in San Diego watching him speak. Incredible, incredible man. I think he said he spent $750000 on his courses and stuff just to learn himself.

Henry: Yeah, oh yeah. Hands down. So one of the things he taught me was positioning. He said, “Dude, you’re an amazing designer. Look at you. I mean look at the item.” I had just lost $100000 deal prior to coming into this program. That triggered me to reinvest in the business. And that’s what kind of sunk me even more because I spend $17000 on a website. But I didn’t know how to market it. So that really destroyed. But what he taught me was you got to put yourself out there. He’s like, “Henry, you’re a big personality. You’re an anomaly in the design industry. Most designers are introverts.” He’s like, “Here’s you with this bubbly personality. You got to put yourself out there.” So he coined me as the million dollar brander. And then shortly after that, he hired me for about two and a half years to do all the branding for Click Funnels.

Stefan: Wow.

Henry: And so that was the turning point. Within 16 months I was generating over $500000 in revenue. And really got my ass back together. I had just never looked back. He helped me scale my team. So he didn’t really tell me. He told me what I had to do. I still had to figure it out. So eventually I stopped being everything inside of my business and started to scale. So hired my first project manager. She hired my first designer. And then we blew it out and now we have 12 full time employees on four different continents that execute a lot of the technical stuff that we deliver for our clients. So I’m here working with clients one on one. I’m out there growing the business, being a content creator. And now I have my team to execute. And it’s been beautiful since.

Stefan: How many people on the team?

Henry: 13.

Stefan: Wow. I’m at that point too. I got about 13 people on my team. And actually we just brought in house marketing. So it’s crazy. I got four guys now that are going to the basement for marketing. So you’re saying before this story, Henry. I want to go back a bit to something you said. $250000 design clients is what you had before? Guys paying a quarter of a mil.

Henry: No, no, no. I’m sorry. I generated about. Over a course of a calendar year, yeah these were two.

Stefan: So you’re like a little small business guy doing 250. I thought you meant someone that’s like here’s a logo, $250000. I was like, who is it, Nike?

Henry: No. Well, it’s funny. Because that’s what we charge now. So an average client to us now is six figures. It’s about $110000 that they spend with us. One client over a course of a calendar year.

Stefan: Bro, I’m giving you a gong for that. Good for you, bro. Good for you. Love it. So, Henry, so you’re at a place of power now. You were having the ultimate struggle. I love hearing the I swiped it on my credit card stories. And I just help on to my balls and just started running. Like that’s what life is, man. People get to that point where they fall off the bus. How did you feel in that moment where you’re swiping the card?

Henry: I was crying. I was an emotional mess. I had this mentality that if this works, it’s when it works. And I said I need to be, now mind you, Stefan, I was, I came into money. I didn’t have money growing up. I was raised by my father. We were middle class, but lower middle class. Once I got my taste of real money, I really let it get to my head. Lost a lot of family. Lost a lot of friends. My wife was on the verge of divorce because she just didn’t like where my head was going. And so I had some mindset coaching. Once I got into the inner circle program of Russel’s I met some really sharp individuals that helped me get my mind set correct and that sort of helped me see the world in a different eye.

Henry: That helped tremendously and then what happened was I was able to take that, sort of infuse it into NLP and sales and marketing and I was really able to create a very unique and dynamic brand agency out of my graphic design skills. So really cool stuff. Really cool stuff.

Stefan: Okay, so let’s make it ABC for the people at home because I’m a Dan Kennedy fan. I don’t know if you’re a Dan Kennedy fan.

Henry: Yeah, I like Dan.

Stefan: Yeah, Dan, he’s like the old grandfather of direct marketing. Dan Kennedy, he says he doesn’t believe in brand. He says there is no brand. It’s just marketing. Fuck you. No brand. And like I was reading his book. His No BS series and it was like the no BS guy to trust base marketing which essentially is a brand. He calls it trust based marketing or creating your own celebrity. Now, for you, Henry, I call myself a brandpreneur myself, but for you you’re a brand expert. You’re making money off being the branding guy. What is a brand?

Henry: So it’s that feeling that people get when they interact with your business. It’s that guy feeling. It’s what they say behind your back. It’s the experience that you give them. It’s that differentiating factor. So brand is feeling and emotion in my opinion. And I believe that without that, you don’t have a business. And it’s essentially your personality. It’s the personality of your business. And so if you don’t have a great personality you know you’re probably not going to attract clients that you really want to serve.

Stefan: You know what’s interesting, I went down to this mastermind conversation. It’s call the conversation, Dallas, Texas. My friend Tammy Cling. And she had one circle called Legacy. So there’s different circles and people go around the campfire and you speak about, there’s blind spots, legacy, couple other ones. And I remember at the legacy circle we were talking about what’s legacy. What’s legacy? People start talking about legacy when they reach a point of success. It’s get laid, get paid, live forever. People want to live forever with legacy. And I was saying, you know, legacy, man I don’t think you own your legacy. Adolf Hitler, he tried to take over the world and he tried to leave this legacy of the master race and all this stuff. And he lost. And his legacy now is he’s the bad guy in every movie.

Stefan: He’s not the hero. He’s the bad guy in every movie. So you don’t own your legacy. And I said you know you don’t own your legacy. You don’t own your brand. The public owns your brand. What do you think about that statement?

Henry: I agree. It’s the audience will determine the value of your brand. I always tell people, if you’re not creating extraordinary value out there in the market place, your competition will. We don’t get paid for our time. We get paid for our value. That’s what we get paid for. So when you start solving bigger problems, you’re going to start getting bigger pay checks. That’s the bottom line.

Stefan: That’s a gong. That’s a gong. So how do you add more value? Let’s just talk about the brand in the market place.

Henry: Sure.

Stefan: I always say this. There’s marketing lies and there’s real value. So people put their marketing lies out there, their stories. And then under the hood is real value. How do you create real value in the market place so people see the real value and they want to come in to taste the soup you’ve been cooking, the good soup.

Henry: Yeah. So your show and prove. So I was one of 50 white kids in my whole white high school. And so we always used to play around when people used to try to put one over on us. So we would have friends that would like to maybe show off or maybe stretch the truth a little bit. And we would always say show and prove on the playground. And if they couldn’t show and prove, we called BS on them. And so what I’ve been doing on my Instagram account which has grown from 50000 on October to now 107000 followers, it is the showing and proving of my mastership and my craft and my expertise.

Henry: When I have people sharing my content every other half an hour, when you get pinged when somebody shares your story or somebody shares your post or your reposted and all that. Then I know that I’ve struck a cord and I am actually mastering my craft and I’m shook. I have nothing to hide, Stefan. That’s the thing. Today’s theme on Instagram is how do you get people to trust you? Well, there’s a few ways.

Henry: There’s one, show people the results that you’re getting for people. And I do that. I record all my strategy calls with my clients. As long as it’s not proprietary, I will leave it out. But I get their permission. I record all my strategy calls with all my high paying clients. And I chop them up and I put them out for content. And people are like can you imagine what Henry could do for me. Look at what he just did for that guy.

Stefan: Wow. Bro, what you just dropped there is like the biggest value bomb. Because you’re doing it anyways.

Henry: That’s how you bring massive value to the marketplace.

Stefan: Dude, you’re doing it anyways. I like that. You record the call and then you’re like I’m going to take this piece of the call. I’m going to put it out there like a little piece of cheese at Costco. Hey you wanted to eat this cheese. Here’s a little piece. Do you want to buy the whole cheese? That’s money, man.

Henry: That’s how you do it. That how you do it, man. And 95% of my clients come from Instagram. And people are laughing. I shouldn’t say people are laughing. I’m in a couple mastermind groups. Just some buddies, colleagues. And they’re asking me, where do you get all these high ticket clients from? And I said 90% of them come from Instagram. And they’re like, “You’re kidding me.” And I said, “No.” When you level up the value that you bring to the marketplace, you will attract the higher quality client. So my big shtick is the quality of your brand will determine the quality of your client.

Henry: If you want to go cheap, the result will be a cheap brand.

Stefan: You know man, you’re singing the gospel. Like the church of the grind is in session right now. And you’re just singing the gospel. And we’ve had so many guys in the last couple days. I’ve had some killer interviews. And there’s a theme on these interviews. Whether it’s real estate, or whatever, internet marketing branding. It always comes back to do you have a good soup? Do you have the goods? And if you have the goods, you can fuck up the marketing, can fuck up the sale, you can mess everything up, even have kind of a crappy website. But if you have the goods, you’re going to win. Would you agree with that?

Henry: I would. I always tell people, people are going to buy you before they buy your product or service. So you better have the confidence. You better have the acumen. You better have the experience. You better have the processing system in place. The second way I cycled, and this is I want to stay on topic of what your show is all about. The second way I cycled was not having my processes and systems in place. So I was doing pretty well last year. I worked with about 48 clients. But it was a mess.

Henry: The processing systems weren’t really buttoned up and a couple of clients came in that weren’t qualified. The projects went haywire. And I had to refund about $40000 worth of business.

Stefan: Oh.

Henry: In just two clients. It was hurting. But what happened was the one guy decided it was a good idea to create a smear campaign against me with bots, with review bots.

Stefan: Oh no.

Henry: And so he went out and he messaged all of my friends on Facebook, private messaged them. He did all one star reviews from people from like ninth world countries. And the English wasn’t even correct on them. But it really tarnished the brand. I mean it really put a dent in things.

Stefan: So what did you have to do?

Henry: So here’s what happened. So my wife freaked out. I had family members reaching out to be on Facebook going some guy, Igor, reached out to me and said how big of a piece of shit you were. What is going on here? And I go, okay I see what’s going on. I’m under attack. So my wife’s a wonderful writer. She wrote a statement that we posted on all my channels. And my wife said, you need to stay away from social media today. Because I don’t want you seeing what’s being written about you.

Henry: And so I stayed away and about 7:00 I went back online to see what was being said. And what was crazy, Stefan, was this, my community and my fans all came to speak on my behalf.

Stefan: Wow.

Henry: And they dug dirt up on this guy that I didn’t even know happened. Meanwhile, this guy was a convicted felon. He embezzled 1.7 million from senior citizens. He did a rip off report on me but he didn’t use his name because he’s got one against him. And so if he were to do that they would all show up. So I was almost in tears that day to see my audience come and my community come to bat for me and that’s the story that I tell because without a strong brand reputation and a strong personal brand, something like that could bury you forever. I had a guy reach out to me on Facebook messenger and said this son of a bitch did the same thing to me about a year and a half ago and I have yet to surface because I couldn’t.

Stefan: Wow. So these haters, man. That’s a mega hater. These haters are out there. Why do they do this? Did he extort you? Did he want money? What was the deal?

Henry: Yeah, so I refunded him 100%. Then there was another person that sort of teamed up with him and they were complaining so I gave them 100% refund. She went away. She disappeared. But this guy was trying to demand money, what do you call it.

Stefan: Like extra money.

Henry: Yeah, extra money and I go take that rip off report down, dude. I gave you your money back. I didn’t rip you off. He said, “Oh you need to pay me for my time that was wasted.” And I go, “Get out of here, dude.” So I just let it up.

Stefan: What kind of ticket are we talking? Is this ten grand? Or was this like five grand?

Henry: Yeah, it was 8500 bucks at the time.

Stefan: Oh. It’s not even that much money.

Henry: Logo designs for 8500. So I wouldn’t even. This guy wouldn’t even qualify for my program for $8500. My coaching and strategy starts at $10000 to $15000.

Stefan: You know what’s interesting, Henry, I’m the same. We started like $19298 to go up to $61298. So like I’m like, I won’t even touch a guy for less than 20 and he doesn’t even get me. I start at 60. And it’s really interesting. But I take 12 guys a year. I have like no complaints. My top program 80% success rate across the rates about 47% success rate. And half the people who sign up just do nothing because they just do nothing. They just don’t bake the cake. They didn’t open the cake mix. They never opened the Lego set. They just bought it. Took it home. Did nothing. And it’s so interesting because we almost never, like 99% of the time don’t have complaints on the high ticket.

Stefan: A high ticket we qualify them. We got interviews. We got tests. We got reports. We try to know who we’re dealing with up there. This morning I get a charge back on PayPal, $14.95. Somebody at eight bucks or two bucks, some little miser, some little guy who ate the free wiener, he eats your free wiener. He says give me another free wiener. Hey, I ate the free wiener and now pay me for eating your free wiener. What do you think about the difference between the mentality of the big clients and the mentality of the small clients?

Henry: It’s night and day. It’s a completely different stratosphere. And so I don’t mess with the small stuff anymore. There’s more headaches in the small ticket stuff than there is in the high ticket stuff. And so I don’t even bother with that stuff. It’s a matter of really articulating your expectation upfront and qualifying. And so I tell people right upfront, I mean a typical client will spend anywhere from $100000 to $50000 in a calender year from me. Can you afford something like that? And if they say no, then I say I have some other options for you that you might qualify for. We have a course that’s $1000. If you want to get your feet wet there, go for it. I won’t bring a client on.

Henry: So I had a client that was on the fence last night. And it took him a little bit to really invest in the $10000 program that I have. But when I got him to cross the border, you can just feel a difference in him. But he was still on the fence. And I said, listen we’ve bene talking now for a week. I typically don’t follow up with people. I don’t.

Stefan: Yeah, high ticket you don’t. You’re like, bro, you got to come to me. It’s high ticket.

Henry: Well, I’m busy, Stefan. It’s not like… it is what it is. If I’m chasing people that’s bad positioning.

Stefan: Right, it’s positioning. And low ticket people chase, not high ticket. Forget it.

Henry: That’s right. So I explained to him. I said my friend, you know I want to help you. I see a lot of potential in you. The problem that I see is that you’re scared to pull the trigger. And listen, I was there too. I spent that first $10000 I spent on Russell, I didn’t know what was going to happen after. I said, but it was the best thing I ever did because now I know what it feels like to spend $10000. And the results that I got from it were amazing. But I said, here’s the thing, I am questioning even taking you on as a client right now because if you can’t pull the trigger on this, then I’m afraid that when I tell you to execute my strategy, you’re going to be afraid to pull the trigger and you’re not going to get the results that you’re looking for.

Stefan: He’s going to be the 50% of people that sign up and just do nothing.

Henry: And I said, I don’t want you to waste your money.

Stefan: Oh, bro. I’m giving you a gong for that. Whoa, bro. We knocked the gong over. Gong fell over on that one. Oh. That’s how good. We had a mega gong yesterday. That sounds like this. And then like we got like four or five gongs. We knocked the gong over, mother fucker on this show. Okay, say that again. We are going to instant replay on that.

Henry: So I just said listen if you’re scared to pull the trigger on the 10k, I don’t want you to waste your money. I’m questioning taking you on as a client because I want to see you win. But if you can’t pull the trigger on this, then I’m afraid that what I tell you to do next, you’re not going to do. And then you’re going to, it’s just not going to work for you.

Henry: And listen, it’s okay. So he moves forward. And so our first call is Monday and he’s got the confidence now. I can feel it. He’s like a different person. I said, bro, you crossed the line. You’re on the other side now. So now just follow my lead. I know what I’m doing. And trust the process. He’s going to be fine. I know it. He’s going to be fine. He’s a good guy. I looked him up on Instagram. I did my research on him. He just needs guidance.

Stefan: He’s scared.

Henry: Yes, people are hungry to be led. They’re dying to be led. So you just have to lead them.

Stefan: Damn. This is like an eight gong show now, dude.

Henry: I’m telling you. I’m not messing around.

Stefan: Oh, bro, so we got to wrap up. Okay, Henry, you know it’s been awesome, man. I got to have you back on the show.

Henry: I’d love to have you on my show.

Stefan: Bro, yeah, let’s book it up after. So look, a couple questions I ask everybody. If you could go back in time, 18 year old Henry, what’s a piece of advice you give yourself?

Henry: Believe in yourself.

Stefan: Eloquent. Top three books that changed your life.

Henry: “Win Without Pitching Manifesto” “The Four Agreements” and what’s the third one? I would say, “Price and Creativity” by Blair Ends.

Stefan: Damn I love it. You didn’t give me the stock ones that everybody says. So that’s money. Some flavor on that one. Now, young people, young 18 year olds, sound 15 year olds, young kids these days. What do they need to succeed more than anything else?

Henry: Master a individual craft. So ask yourself what do you want your name to be synonymous with as far as expertise goes? So by the end of 2019, my goal and I will achieve this is my name will be synonymous with personal branding for influencers. And so that is very niche. And that is where the riches are. So you know, master a specific craft. Become a specialist. Not a generalist. And you will be the obvious choice.

Stefan: I love it, man. That’s fantastic. We’re going to wrap it up because I know you got a time crunch here. And Henry, it’s been an absolute pleasure. How can people get in touch with you if they want to know more?

Henry: Simple, on Instagram I’m thebranddr. And you can find my podcast, The Brand Doctor podcast, my YouTube channel, the Brand Doctor. Everything on my website. So uniquedesignz with a Z at the end .net.

Stefan: That’s great. Henry, thank you so much for being on the show. Respect the Grind, brother.

Henry: Bro, I appreciate you having me on.

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