#88 How to make BETTER business decisions with RICHARD LENNON.

Through strategic planning, Richard helps others build business brainpower, make better business decisions, establish a common direction and create an implementation plan to guide your business success.

Raised in an entrepreneurial family, Richard built a business and corporate career where he learned to find opportunities, solve problems and implement solutions quickly. His cross-industry experience has made him a proven expert, one who has worked with a big four consulting firm, top-tier corporations, mid-level enterprises, and with many small business leaders and professionals globally. Over-the-course of his career, Richard became a business strategist, trainer and coach helping business leaders and professionals, who provide their expertise, products and services to larger organizations and consumer groups achieve the success they deserve.

He is an award-winning speaker and trainer in business analysis and entrepreneurship, and a professional blogger and author, SET for Success – a roadmap to transform your business. Richard regularly hosts a podcast and radio show where he interviewed business leaders and professionals on what it takes to be successful in business, career and life.

Unearthing hidden gems, Richard writes and speaks on what it takes to be a success in business and the positive impact it has on you and your community. He is high energy, candid, cheeky and fun; taking his client’s on a powerful journey, engaging people and bridging gaps for your business. With his no-nonsense approach, stories, and examples, Richard guides you in becoming SET for Success.