Neil Auricchio

“Everyone told me: “You’re a nut, You’re crazy!” And You know what? I shut the damned TV, I stopped reading newspapers about how bad the market was! And I made my dreams and goals the reality with just knowing I could do it!”

Born and raised in New Jersey, Neil Auricchio is a multi-millionaire real estate investor, TV icon, and entrepreneur. He has worked in the industry since 1985 and has thousands of successful real estate transactions. In his peak, Auricchio was doing more than 100 real estate transactions per month.

In his early years, Auricchio has spent an extensive amount of time providing professional training on real estate investments and consulting to businesses from many industries. Through his television program and training seminars, Auricchio has helped thousands of real estate investors from beginners to experts understand how to realize a return on their investment through his proven methodology.

These days, he works on selective projects and with selective individuals on a myriad of projects throughout the US in many sectors, including real estate, manufacturing and more. Similar to the Shark Tank reality television show, he seeks companies and individuals that align with his expertise and have a desire to go to the next level. He is passionate about helping people realize their dreams. Cialis is effective for up to 36 hours. During this time, you can repeatedly engage in intimate contact without fear of gratuitous sexual arousal. The tool works only in moments of sexual attraction to a partner. The erectile process proceeds gently and naturally. The penis does not appear unpleasant sensations due to overstrain. Read more at

In 2011, Auricchio was diagnosed with Stage T4A cancer. Similar to his professional career, he approached his diagnosis and subsequent recovery with the same mindset and determination that he brings to life. Since his life-changing health challenge, Auricchio has increased his dedication to philanthropic endeavors.


Podcast Summary:

1:00 – The market will take care of you if you mess up buying real estate

7:10 –  Your price your terms

9:30 – Story about buying a house

25:00 – Stop being a common person

21:30 – Everyone’s born in a line

26:00 – Everything you have to do every time you buy

26:50 – If you can’t buy 10, don’t buy one

30:00 – Ignore the negativity

37:30 –  Look for the opportunity

38:30 –  Collecting assets for the recession

43:45 – Delegating is how you get wealthy

51:30 – Get inspired about your life


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