Mike Zeller

Mike Zeller is a very successful multiple business owner and a master in his zone of genius. Collectively Mike’s businesses have done more than $300 million in sales in the last 10 years. He invested in and started 9 different businesses in a variety of industries, from real estate, fashion, automotive, to digital marketing and high-level entrepreneur masterminds.

His deepest area of genius is in architecting and starting businesses. When Mike gets involved in a project, it quickly gains momentum and accelerates. He’s also a master NLP practitioner, which is the core methodology of Tony Robbins’ skillset. This has been very powerful for helping entrepreneurs and creatives get unstuck from emotional roadblocks to create and build unstoppable momentum.

Mike Zeller is an expert in clarifying a brand’s storyboard and message, developing strategic partnerships, gaining equity slices by using your gifts and expertise and creating the ideal team environment.

Podcast Summary:

0:00 – Ex: “A really good quote” or A very interesting topic

3:10 – Meant for something more

5:00 –  “Have to design the engine, not be the engine”

10:50 – the feeling of energy and proximity/power of people and each other

11:50 – “How do I design my environment so that life is luxurious”

13:10 – discusses how the environment influences people and life

15:00 – discusses the loneliness of being an entrepreneur

21:00 – The “idk” factor

22:50 – driven by certainty for most people, Stefan and mike don’t need certainty (“the burn will heal”)

25:00 –  be comfortable in I don’t know/live in I don’t know

25:50 –  focus on limitation, needs a runway

27:00 –  taking no resources of a situation and making it resourcefulness

30:20 –  have to believe in your destiny and yourself

33:00 – tribe becomes your vibe

34:05 –  energy (focus) management is more important than time management

37:00 – when life is just getting fulfilling, people step down

39:00 –  mindset seems to always go downhill (advice for young crowd)

41:00 –  need to be a student to be a master

42:20 –  lots of opportunity with youtube and social media for young people