Jamie Shanks

Jamie Shanks is the CEO of Sales for Life, the world’s largest Digital Selling training program for mid-market and enterprise companies. Sales for Life has trained over 100,000 sales and marketing professionals, in dozens of industries. Jamie’s workshops have been delivered across 6 continents, for brands such as Microsoft, Thomson Reuters, Oracle, American Airlines & Intel.

Podcast Summary:

0:00 – Ex: “A really good quote” or A very interesting topic

1:20 – “how’d you get started with what you do”

1:45 – quits job and says he will go on his own

2:05 – filing for bankrupcy

2:35 – people would google his name and not able to find anything

3:50 – whistle blown on the wedding

5:00 – gets home and falls apart

5:30 – “two types of people in this world”

6:55 – jamie explains what he discovered for himself to get successfu

l8:45 – stefan breaks down what jamie said

9:30 – what does a real sales person do

10:35 – discusses how sales has changed over the years

12:30 – discusses A.I.

13:45 – discuss prices of groceries changing

14:45 – Stefan asks jamie about high ticket sales

16:10 – people would say you would never be able to discuss and sign a deal over video chat1

8:10 – Stefan and jamie discuss “supersoldier”

19:10 – discusses girls in our generation

19:50 – buying is done without himan interaction

21:00 – discusses A.I. for flights

21:35 – “there will be a million loss of sales jobs”

22:40 – discusses Jamies books

23:25 – the big deals you will have to “fish” for them

24:10 – Jamie discusses getting his wife “Plenty of Fish”

25:40 – found common interest

26:05 – social selling mastery ~ jamies first book

26:45 – Stefan discusses his equation

28:10 – “what is your obsessoin” ~ to have his company be a machine working for itself

32:00 – “never be able to lead if you dont have a product.. sedrvice will get you so far”

33:00 – “when did you think you were going to fail”

34:25 – if you can go back to yourself at 15 what would you say

36:55 – serving me or serving my ego

37:50 – plugs in hard times

38:30 – expected hate from book but got good feedback

39:05 – “profit first” ~ jamie recommends for stefans viewers

40:00 – learned to profit first

41:40 – what do young kids need to succeed today

42:30 – to be comfortable with any type of person you are meeting is important

43:40 – Jamie gives sites for people to find him

Get Connected with Jamie:

Facebook – Jamie Shanks 

Website – http://www.getspearselling.com/