Mario Tomic

Mario is an owner of the fitness and personal development coaching company “” Started as a blogger Mario just wanted to consult
entrepreneurs and business people and his fans, but his project began to grow extremely fast, now it’s a great team of professionals and the company is top rated!

Podcast Summary:

00:55 – Difference in digital marketing then and now

04:37 – What is “Quality”?

07:03 – There are no tricks and shortcuts to success

07:33 – Know who you serve

07:48 – Trust is the basis of every sale

08:34 – Sacrifices and balance

10:13 – Success precedes failure

10:36 – Focus is the most important

12:25 – “it’s always been a grind”

13:05 – where is the game at now in youtube?

14:30 – find what they find valuable compared to what you find valuable

15:45 – “what is quality”

17:00 – Mario discusses how you must speak the viewer’s language

18:05 – “no silver bullet these days”

19:40 – “is this the age of polarization?”

20:10 – “you have to know who you serve”

21:50 – “people are always looking for an advisor”

23:00 – “long-term trust will win”

25:00 – plugs in money people deal

25:35 – “what is the difference between health and fitness”

27:20 – sacrifice health for fitness

28:30 – “health is how clean your pipes are, fitness is your performance”

31:40 – talks about knowing what you need

32:50 – how can people know if they are on track or not

33:45 – business and financial success is the enabler

35:10 – “do you believe in sacrifice or balance”

36:50 – discuss prioritization and sacrifice

38:00 – learn how to master the system

38:50 – “in life, you have times of balance and times of not balance”

39:50 – Mario discusses how he doesn’t go out and how he grinds

40:20 – when you reach the success that is when you get failure don’t sacrifice the big stuff for the small stuff

43:00 – Stefan discusses focus “don’t dilute your focus”

43:30 – the focus is the new IQ

45:00 – discuss phones, pads, etc.

46:45 – the closer people are to the big platforms they seem to stay farther away too

48:45 – discuss Marios top 3 books

50:00 – what do young kids need to hear to succeed

51:00 – Mario plugs in his information

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