Jamey Mroz

Jamey Mroz is a Success Coach that brings his past experience with coaching in the NFL to help coach with people in a business. Jamey talks about how important your drive is as an individual and getting over your feelings and excuses. His coaching helps his clients identify the flaws in what they do and to help motivate them, he tells them to put their results public. This allows the clients to push themselves because they don’t want to have society see them fail. Jamey explains there are no shortcuts or excuses; there is only the grind and self-discipline. Stefan and Jamey talk about their road to success and the prices that they have had to pay to get where they are. This is a great Podcast to get some insight on how to be self-motivated and become successful in life.

Podcast Summary:

0:00 – Ex: “A really good quote” or A very interesting topic

1:15 – Jamey discusses how he started coaching

3:15 – getting over your feelings

4:55 – “talk about goal setting”

5:45 – discusses making things public with your business pushes you to do better

7:25 – pain is one of the biggest motivation

9:50 – “the process is the grind”

12:50 – superstar is a self whipper

14:00 – Stefan asks Jamey about his decision to go full time in coaching

14:55 – who do you have supporting you?

15:45 – Jamey talks about how he rented for years instead of buying a house

17:55 – Stefan discusses the importance of focus

19:30 – Jamey talks about his group of friends and how they are still friends after years

21:15 – “maximize whipping ability”

22:45 – how do you want to be remembered

23:15 – do you want to pay the price

25:45 – “one way to succeed”

26:00 – the olympian journalling was more successful than the one not. when you track it you improve

27:00 – “stay in your lane” tracking to Jamey is the most important thing

27:50 – losers focus on winners, winners focus on winning

29:00 – success is 100%, not 99%30

30:30 – the little mistake adds up to become a huge loss later

33:25 – Jamey would tell himself at 15 to do more

35:15 – Jamey talks about how when he was younger assumed that if you were good you were good. nothing to do with practice

36:35 – “do you think talent is a blessing or a curse

37:15 – “the greatest of the great practice all the time” not to do with talent

43:00 – Stefan talks about his favorite books

44:30 – Jamey says that young people need to be there own best friend

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