Tim Sykes

Tim Sykes is an extremely successful stock investor who turned his Bar Mitzvah money into millions of dollars. Tim has taken what he knows and has learned and now helps his students become successful and wealthy. He stresses in this podcast the importance of traveling and the eye-opening experience it has had on him. He has a charity of his that he now donates to and promotes. Tim stresses the importance of education and his role in helping to build schools for people that don’t have any to go to. He talks about the importance of people not giving up too quickly.

Podcast Summary:

0:00Ex: – “A really good quote” or A very interesting topic

1:38 – How did you get into what you’re doing

2:50 – Should not invest in friends

5:00 – discusses teaching his students

8:55 – discusses getting into education and building schools

10:10 – You need to be an expert for years

11:45 – discuss hate from people

12:00 – first millionaire student was a hater first

13:35 – Tim talks about how wall street is a war

14:35 – Stefan and Tim talk about Stefan’s dog tags

15:10 – too many people give up too quickly

17:00 – Tim talks about the importance of having his students lose

17:40 – Stefan asks Tim about when he has lost

18:15 – “listen to old guys”

18:30 – “taste defeat”

19:35 – getting punched in the face and getting knocked out are how you learn best

20:30 – Tim talks about losing credibility

23:00 – Tim talks about his lowest point

24:00 – why is health so important

24:10 – “I work harder then my students do”

24:30 – talks about the importance of good health

25:50 – dead pirate plunders no gold ~ Stefan

27:05 – discusses government and money

28:00 – Tim will do what it takes to motivate his students

28:45 – “invest in your education”

30:15 – student made a book on time lessons and notes

31:55 – three of Tim’s millionaire students teach the rest of his students

32:05 – Tim’s three books32L55tim talks about what hed say to his young self

33:50 – Tim plugs himself in

Get Connected with Timothy:

Youtube – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCoSG43KFjTe0trsteSQ46Ng

Twitter – https://twitter.com/timothysykes

Website – https://www.timothysykes.com/