Ryan Wright

Ryan is a successful Real Estate Entrepreneur who self-educated himself on how to flip and sell houses. He discusses how he started his business and going from being an investor to giving out loans. Ryan explains the difference between his own business and banks in depth and how his business benefits people more. He helps people get started by getting a base for them and helping them become successful. Ryan and Stefan discuss a wide range of topics from the ‘fear of failure and loss’ to Artificial Intelligence to men’s role in society and how it’s changed. Ryan goes into depth about how he got started with his software’s he has to help people with making decisions with purchasing and investing in properties. This is a great Podcast to listen to if you want to be highly motivated and get some real, valuable knowledge on Real Estate and Investing.

Podcast Summary:

0:00 – Ex: “A really good quote” or A very interesting topic

1:00 – how’d you get started with entrepreneurship

2:25 – would you recommend getting a real estate license?

1:20 – whats so scary

3:45 – “in the end, you have to know your struggle”

4:40 – Ryan talks about his business and how he got there

7:00 – Stefan talks about what he thought hard money was and asks what it is

10:05 – Ryan talks about funding for a deal that you couldn’t do without him

11:50 – do hard money people make money on fees or interest

12:35 – “hard money is not for everyone or not for every deal”

14:50 – Stefan talks about a deal when he first started out

16:30 – “why are there haters in real estate Ryan?” Ryan talks about how emotion plays a big role

18:40 – haters/people are quick to point a finger at someone else instead of having ownership and accountability

19:45 – Stefan talks about earning the right to be a man20:35ryan agrees and talks with Stefan about being a man

22:10 – discuss a.i. taking over real estate

24:40 – “what am I good at and what am I not good at”

25:10 – Ryan talks about his kids learning the ability to sell28:10:00stefan asks Ryan about his software

32:10 – Stefan plugs in moneywealthpotential.com

33:10 – “of all things you do, what do you like the most?”

36:10 – “80/20 rule”

37:15 – “I’m, not the smartest guy and I know it but I’m a hard worker”

39:00 – buy and hold as long as you can

40:00 – Ryan talks about his top 3 books

44:35 – Ryan tells what kids should hear