Allan Asplin

Allan is a Winnipeg known successful Real Estate Agent who in this podcast discusses what his company does and how he has gotten to where he is today. Allan provides tips on how to stand out in the industry and become successful in life. Allan is a President of Judy Lindsay Team Realty @judylindsayteam – top 1% of all realtors in Canada and U.S.

Podcast Summary:

Stefan and Allan discuss advertisements for their companies and what is most effective to society that they have learned through clients and getting feedback. Allan discusses on how he teaches his team to manage their money responsibly and the importance of this for everyone to learn. Allan and Stefan discuss why they feel that people set goals so low and how this is a problem. Allan also brings up how important it is to support goal making within his team and this helps his company be as good as they are. This is a great podcast to learn about ambition and goal making within our society today.

0:00 –  Ex: “A really good quote” or A very interesting topic

1:00 – Allan talks about how he started out in Real Estate

1:40 – Allan’s mom passed away

3:50 – Stefan asks about the ‘secret sauce’

5:30 – “certain people are good at certain things” so finding the right people for the office

6:10 – how do you get the local buyers through advertising

8:00 – discuss advertisements

9:30 – “what sets your system apart from others?”

10:50 – minding the details

11:00 – “what are the details you guys follow that no one else does”

12:35 – “when you’re busy you don’t look for extra work when you’re not busy you take on everything”

15:00 – Allan is asked how he motivates his team

17:00 – “why do people set goals too low”

18:10 – “dollars per hour change to dollars per day and so on”

19:00 – “talk about how the human thermostat has changed”

20:05 – Stefan asks Allan what would you not think of happened that has at this point

21:05 – “when you write down a goal your brain finds a way to get it”

22:20 – “people take more time to plan vacations in their life than to plan their life”

24:25 – “you can’t teach hungry”

25:20 – what do you want in life

25:55 – talk about the ask Allan campaign

28:05 – “the seminar never ends now”

30:15 – “content is changing the game”

32:35 – ” how has technology changed what you guys do”

33:55 – build the hype a year in advance instead of when it is actually being built

36:30 – Allan talks about how technology can take an agents job because they are not the same

37:25 – discuss learning the market and how important it is

38:30 – Allan would tell 15year old Allan to take bigger chances

39:35 – “whats a risk you wish you took”

41:15 – Allan’s top 3 books

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