Josh Steimle

Josh is an author, speaker, entrepreneur, and executive coach. He has written over 300 articles for publications like Fortune, Time, Forbes, Inc., Mashable, TechCrunch, and Entrepreneur, and is the author of Chief Marketing Officers at Work. Josh is the founder of MWI, a digital marketing agency with offices in Hong Kong, Singapore, China, the UK, and the US. He is also the founder and CEO of Influencer Inc, a publishing, training, and events company that provides personal branding and thought leadership services to CEOs and other executives.

Josh is a TEDx speaker, has presented to audiences in Asia, Europe, the Middle East, Latin America, and North America, and has been interviewed on local, national, and international radio and TV programs and on more than 50 podcasts on topics related to technology, marketing, personal influence, and entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneur Magazine put Josh on their 50 Inspirational Entrepreneurs to Watch in 2017 list, Forbes recognized him as one of 25 Marketing Influencers To Watch In 2017, Josh was ranked #7 on Richtopia’s list of Top 100 Most Influential CMOs, and data from social media research firm Leadtail ranked Josh #11 on their list of People Most Mentioned and Retweeted by CMOs.

Josh talks about his journey to get where he is today. He discusses the hard times he went through starting up his first company. He created sites for companies and slowly started to charge clients more and more. Josh tried starting up his own office, which soon did not work and was losing money. This led Josh to selling everything he owns cause his company wasn’t working out again. Josh got an opportunity to write in Forbes and this brought in lots of clientele for his company to grow and become successful. Stefan and Josh talk about starting up your own company and how to do it properly. Josh brings with him a lot of information on starting a company and recommending what people should do to become successful. Stefan and Josh talk about their thoughts on the future of schools and what the move is for society are. This is a great Podcast to listen to if you want to learn about entrepreneurship and the grind to success.

Podcast Summary:

0:00 – Ex: “A really good quote” or A very interesting topic

0:50 – How’d you get started

3:10 – “I want to quit my job and start my own business”

3:35 – business failed badly

7:00 – Josh buys an office to try for his company that doesn’t workout

9:00 – entrepreneurship is the new rock and roll

12:35 – “what was the problem with the projects that were not bringing in the money?”

13:30 – “was it more of a marketing problem or a sales problem?”

14:30 – Josh found a partner to help with sales in 2012/2013

15:45 – Josh started writing on Forbes

16:15 – Made millions off of connections for what Josh wrote

17:00 – why do you have offices all over the world

18:05 – Josh goes to visit Hong Kong and he meets with someone and starts up a Hong Kong business

18:55 – Josh says where all his offices are

19:50 – how is hong kong different than the USA

22:15 – Josh and Stefan discuss British people

23:15 – “the china smile”

24:05 – “what is the best way to start an agency?”

25:05 – Build it once and sell it a million times ~ Josh

26:10 – Josh talks about what he would do if he was 19 starting a company

27:15 – a kid who was 17 told a company how 17-year-olds think and how to market them, allowing him to make good moeny

28:40 – Josh talks about how to choose a company to run

31:05 – to make money off of two things your good at and bringing them together is best

32:00 – “what is practical for kids to do these days?”

32:35 – “So many young people need to get a job.”

34:45 – Stefan talks about a janitor who recommended chips to be spicy and became rich

35:35 – Josh talks about the importance of school/college

37:45 – Josh talks about how the school is overrated

38:50 – Stefan talks about what he thinks the future of schools will be

40:06 – Stefan talks about what he projects for schools

42:35 – “human potential”

43:50 – Josh homeschool his kids

44:45 – why did you choose to homeschool your kids

45:40 – Josh was bad at high school

46:51 – 2 years of school can be squished into 1 year

47:45 – Hong Kong since 2 years old need to do interviews to get into the school


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