Mark Daoust

Mark’s passion for creating sales agreements that benefit both sides of the table led him to create Quiet Light Brokerage in 2007. Guided by the bedrock values of honesty, integrity, and transparency, Daoust built Quiet Light to help sellers of internet businesses. His own business recently was selected as the #1 brokerage for buying and selling websites valued at over $1 million. Quiet Light and Daoust are headquartered in Minnesota, where Mark sometimes gets to run home to help his wife teach a quick class to his four children.

Podcast Summary:

0:00 – Ex: “A really good quote” or A very interesting topic

4:30 – “Thrown into the fire”

14:20 – Content will always be King

15:40 – What people are looking for when they buy the business

20:15 – What’s hot on the market right now, and how to find a service or product to sell

21:00 – There’s lots of money in the unimportant jobs

25:45 – How to increase that value of your business

31:00 – “What do most people do? Nothing.”

33:00 – The Vagabond Business owner lifestyle OR The power of when to stop

38:00 – Warren Buffet and the importance of having a brand

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