Russ Ruffino

Russ Ruffino is a business coach with a no-nonsense, high-reward approach to attracting the right clients at the right price. Back at the height of the economic recession, Russ Ruffino paid his bills working hard hours as a bartender. He was first inspired to launch his career during this time after noticing a friend’s success in online marketing and social media. Russ Ruffino was so inspired by the industry that he threw himself completely into learning how to create and sell products online. Now known as Clients on Demand, he developed an ebook and video course based on his ideas and priced it at $197– and to his surprise, he made a sale. The proof of this internet marking concept was a game-changer. Russ quit his bartending job with no more than $500 in his pocket, ready to start a new business journey. He hasn’t looked back since!

Podcast Summary:

0:00 – Ex: “A really good quote” or A very interesting topic

4:15 – Chasing the dream, but being sad at the end of it

6:30 – Getting that burst of energy

9:15 – Empathy is the key in sales, advertising, and marketing

13:30 – You should be making your own product. You should care about what is being sent to the customer

17:30 – %50 of people do absolutely nothing

20:00 – Affiliate is worse than the low ticket. The low ticket is way worse than high ticket

26:00 – Cut out the middle man, go straight to high-ticket

31:00 – How to keep an audience that consistently comes in through ads

33:00 – Focus on integrity, and you’ll become successful

37:00 – How to make 100k A MONTH

42:00 – The importance of naming your brand correctly

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