Christopher Senegal

After 16 years of education and graduating with engineering degree in hand, I quickly realized I wanted more than 40 years in Corporate America. After getting into day trading and watching the volatility in the market take out many traders, I found myself growing a passion for real estate investing. Specifically investing in flips and rentals, but the focus has grown to investing in disinvested communities and providing quality housing options for the surrounding communities. As of April 2017, my company has embarked on its first revitalization project which is a $3.8M, 14 townhome development on a block of property I have owned since 2013 near downtown Houston. 

How I Started: The first company I formed was, Invictus Properties and Holdings, a buy, fix, and rent real estate company with properties in Houston, TX and Memphis, TN. After a few years of learning the business and gaining more insight on residual income, I gained an in depth understanding of the possibilities of having money work for me, versus working for money. My desire to create more impactful changes in the community was the catalyst for Invictus Development Group. IDG focuses on large multi-family and mixed-used projects that bring market rate housing and jobs into areas that are primed for revitalization. 

Diversification: In 2014 I decided to diversify my portfolio and add business entities. I partnered 50/50 on what would be the highest grossing franchise location of a hair salon chain, producing $450k in revenue in the 1st year. I sold that business to the salon manager in 2017. 

In 2015 I left my corporate job and partnered with a former customer eRail Commerce. I now utilize my 14 years of railroad experience in the consultancy space. We assist railcar service providers with marketing, sales, and business development. I assist shippers with logistics, site design and efficiency studies. 

My niche has been partnering with, or buying into existing businesses, helping them grow and participating in the profit streams associated with the growth I bring to the table. I quickly learned the profits, after expenses are much more important than gross revenue, which is the numbers most entrepreneurs brag about. I would rather have a consulting business with no overhead that brings in $250k in commissions with no overhead or expenses, vs a $1M revenue business with the average 15%-20% profitability ($150k-$200k). 

The Goal: My life’s mission is to impart my knowledge and financial literacy to those who would not otherwise be exposed to the information. Understanding how money works is an important part of life in modern society, however it’s a subject that is not a major part of the curriculum in the school system. I want to lead by example while bridging the gap for future generations to start on the road to financial independence earlier than the usual 30-40 years to retirement, which is the standard taught to the lower and middle class.

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