Kory MacKinnon

A former Corporate Trainer, and National Level athlete from small-town Sarnia, Ontario, Kory was able to able to use decades of Business and Competition work-ethic, habits and mindset to escape the Rat Race in his 30’s with…Real Estate.  What started off as a profitable side hustle has now turned into a Money Making Machine and a $10M+ Real Estate Portfolio. 

 With investing experience across multiple markets, Kory has wholesaled, joint-ventured, flipped for profit, re-purposed buildings bought raw land, implemented creative financing and used the BRRRR method on route to owning dozens of income-producing properties, over 60 doors with a mix of long term and short term rentals.    

 A devoted husband and father of 3, soon to be 4, there are no excuses around finding the time to invest.  With over 25 years in the training and education arena, Kory also runs a niche real estate coaching business assisting other investors to grow their real estate holdings so they too can retire early!  

Stay in touch with Kory and get a copy of his book “Inside the Mind of a Millionaire Real Estate Investor” at www.korymackinnon.com

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